Blue Bloods recap: The Reagans take a stand

Blue Bloods
Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) addresses a crowd on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

The Reagans are never afraid of taking a stand.

After handling a case of a cop (Tony Danza) getting in trouble with family, Frank was ready to stand his ground against a mob to defend the cops.

Meanwhile, Jamie had to address some inner conflict in his department while Erin was put on the spot helping Anthony and Danny tackle a missing person case. 

 This made Where We Stand a powerful episode alongside the other Reagan drama. 

Do cops belong in schools?

In court, Erin had a woman testifying on an attack, but the woman admitted she couldn’t be sure that the accused, Alan Marter (Rob Beschler), was the attacker. The judge thus had no choice but to let him go which left Anthony upset that the man was skating on this. 

Jamie heard some cops joking about the nasty food of Officer Santos (Trevor Slater), which led to shots against his Filipino background. Jamie warned them that some people might be upset with cops cracking jokes like that. 

Danny and Baez rolled up to a scene where a cop told them that Christine Adams and her daughter, Emmy Farmer, were both missing. Christine’s ex-husband, Will (Andy Karl), reported them missing and was frantic that something had happened to them. Danny promised to find them.

Sid got a call to find a mob of students cheering on a fight between a student and a school cop at a school. As he arrested the accused drug dealer, Sid noted the chants of “no cops on campus.”

Danny talked to one of Christine’s co-workers, who revealed that Christina had seemed upset after a client stopped by. Frank met with Moore and Board of Education Deputy Chancellor Jeanine Hoffman (Jill Abramovitz) about pulling police out of the school. 

Sid arrived and got off on the wrong foot immediately by complaining about the cop being in danger. Hoffman thought the perp needed support, not a beatdown. Frank promised a full investigation to send Hoffman off.

Danny tracked down Immigration officer Mike Huang (Michael Tow), who Christine had talked to. Huang had been forced to break it to Christine that she wasn’t actually legally born in the United States and, having missed a hearing, would be deported, which would cost her custody of her daughter Emmy. 

Jamie talked to Santos about the jokes regarding his family and offered help if it became a problem again. Jamie was still troubled about it with Eddie pointing out that the Reagan family dinners had some rough stuff too. “Sometimes, it’s just hard to see the line.”

Danny and Baez couldn’t be sure of foul play but found a video of Christine with Emmy tossing her keys away as they walked through a park.

Anthony gets in hot water

Anthony followed Marter in time to see him attack another woman. They struggled and Marter fell down the stairs and cracked his head. While Erin was okay with it, Inspector Donna Liggett (Mariette Booth) interrupted to tell them she was investigating due to Anthony’s past with the suspect.

Jamie talked to his captain about the situation with Santos, but he was set on letting it slide. He also noted that Jamie had no idea what it was like for a minority officer to succeed in the NYPD. 

Will couldn’t believe Christine would leave with their daughter and was baffled at her immigration issues. Frank met with the school safety agent, Benny Fernandez (Gabriel Sloyer), who defended himself on fighting a “losing battle” with no real authority or weapons.

Frank did give him a letter of commendation as he admitted he didn’t think the school board knew what they wanted. Benny said he would happily go back if he could. 

Jamie found the cops once more mocking Santos, the man echoing how Jamie didn’t understand the sort of things minority cops put up with to be on the job. He’d even lodged a complaint against Jamie interfering as “you’re not helping.”

Anthony wasn’t happy about being investigated and even more that Erin would have to testify on the threats against Marter that Anthony had made in court.

Danny and Baez were talking about whether Christine was right to do what she did when they got a call about her having used an apartment, but found her already gone.

Henry was chastising Jamie for putting his nose into someone else’s situation, citing how only the guy truly attacked could fight for himself. Henry admitted being unable to take some insults as a rookie, but “when we wear the shield, we’re all family.” 

At dinner, everyone marveled at the hideous shirt Shawn’s new girlfriend gave him. Shawn admitted he hated it but lied, which led to a discussion on lying to family, including how no one had the guts to admit they hated their mother’s cooking. 

Frank makes his stand

Danny and Baez were still trying to track down Christine when Will showed up to mention how Christine had always talked about a place in Montreal. He left after taking a long look at his daughter’s photo.

Anthony was packing up his office, assuming he was about to be fired, but Erin assured him she was never asked about Anthony threatening Marter and so never volunteered it. With nothing against him, Anthony was happy to unpack the boxes. 

Sid and Moore had to tell Frank that Hoffman was holding a hearing about police in schools which had led to a growing mob. Frank didn’t want to escalate it and when Sid asked how many officers he wanted inside, Frank answered, “one.”

Danny and Baez found Christine (Eunice Bae) with Emmy (Charlie Tassone) at the train station, the pair trying to run. Christine claimed she’d never received any notices on the hearing and panicked. Danny assured her she’d have an emergency appeal, which was better than being arrested. 

Hoffman was surprised when Frank showed up at the hearing, and when she tried to brush him off, he walked right on stage to address the crowd. He had reassigned Fernandez, listing the numerous weapons and drugs he’d caught in his time there and saying that all they wanted to do was keep the kids safe. Frank left, having made his point. 

Anthony confessed to Erin that he honestly couldn’t be sure that he hadn’t dropped Marter on purpose. Erin suggested he follow her to confession, but Anthony chose his local bar instead. 

Will was happy to see Emmy back, only for Danny to bring up a video of him stealing the notices. He’d hoped Christine would get deported so he could get custody of Emmy, but now realized too late she was better off with her mother as Danny arrested him.

At roll call, Jamie announced a zero-tolerance policy toward “ethnic shaming.” When an Officer Miller tried to press it, Jamie took a few shots at his West Virginia background, then apologized. Jamie made it clear the last thing they needed after a day of insults from the public was to tear each other down. 

It was an intriguing hour to address the inner problems of the NYPD as the Reagans had to make a few stands for what they felt was right.

Blue Bloods Season 12 airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS.

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