Blue Bloods preview: Frank stands against a mob

Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods
Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) deals with a crisis on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Blue Bloods is going to be upping the drama this week. 

This week’s coming episode has Frank trying to hold off what looks like a riot to prevent wider anarchy across New York.

Meanwhile, Danny and Baez get involved in a missing persons case, Erin and Anthony handle a former foe, and Jamie deals with internal issues in his precinct once more. 

Blue Bloods returned this past Friday

After taking a month off because of the Winter Olympic Games, Blue Bloods made a return this past Friday with a highly praised episode.

The highlight was guest star Tony Danza as a cop hiding a secret from Frank. Meanwhile, Joe Hill enlisted Erin’s help, leading to some bonding between them.

Another development was revealing Eddie had passed the sergeant’s exam but decided she much preferred being a detective rather than the upper brass. 

The ratings were slightly lower than before the break, with 5.99 million viewers and a 0.4 score in the 18-49 demo, but Blue Bloods was still the most-watched program on Friday night.

The series is building up to its landmark 250th episode on March 11. Before that occurs, however, the Reagans will have to deal with some serious issues involving police conduct. 

What’s coming this week on Blue Bloods?

The promo for Where We Stand shows tensions ready to explode over an altercation between a school officer and a student and Frank is in the middle. 

“Frank contends with public outcry to defund the NYPD School Safety Division, after a physical altercation between a school officer and a student goes viral. Also, Danny and Baez help a father track down his missing ex-wife and daughter; Erin and Anthony deal with the aftermath of the surprise release of a serial criminal; and Jamie is unsure of how to navigate inappropriate conversation among his officers in the precinct.”

The promo highlights the action with a riot about to burst, but Frank shows his determination when Sid asks how many cops they need to stop it. “Just one.”

The Danny/Baez plot sounds intriguing as the last time they tried to help a man searching for a “missing” relative, they inadvertently led a stalker to an innocent woman. Hopefully, this time goes better.

Erin and Anthony will be dealing with a complex case of a past criminal being released, which adds to Erin’s headaches as she considers a run for District Attorney. 

Meanwhile, Jamie has been doing his best to deal with internal strife in his station (including a controversial salute rule) and once more has to question how hard he can be as the boss to his men.

While the upcoming 250th episode is sure to be amazing, this week’s Blue Bloods promises more of the terrific drama fans love about the show.

Blue Bloods Season 12 airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS.

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