Blue Bloods preview: It’s Frank vs the mayor yet again in the fall finale

Blue Bloods
Abigail Hawk as Abigail Baker on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Blue Bloods is closing out 2022 with an intense episode for the Reagans.

Danny clashes with an old foe as he investigates a gang attack with a motive that’s not as obvious as it seems.

Once more, Frank will have a beef with Mayor Chase, this time over an off-duty cop making a tricky statement. 

Erin’s campaign for D.A. could be marred by her ex-husband Jack’s illegal dealings with Anthony trying to help.

Also, Jamie has to look into a potentially dirty cop within his own department. 

This should make for a good episode– the last one of 2022– and send Blue Bloods into the holiday break for fans.

How did Blue Bloods do in the ratings?

Blue Bloods did have some competition for viewership this past Friday. 

Fox had a big showing in the night with the Pac-12 College Football Championship as Utah defeated USC. 4.5 million viewers watched the game.

This affected Blue Bloods, with its ratings slipping to 5.5 million viewers and a 0.3 rating in the 18-49 demo. That was still enough to make it the most-watched show on Friday. 

The episode had Frank dealing with an off-duty cop refusing to intervene in a robbery. While Moore argued on the optics of punishing the cop, Frank eventually transferred the man to a remote location in New York. 

Danny and Jamie clashed on a case of an assault that turned out to be more than it seemed. That led to Danny finally admitting he was afraid of Jamie being killed and the brothers resolved their problems.

Anthony was worried when his daughter witnessed a murder and wanted to keep her safe while Erin was trying to crack the case. That led to tension, but they eventually overcame it as Anthony’s daughter helped catch the killer.

The final subplot had Eddie and Badillo helping a tourist recover from an attack and see the better side of New York City. 

This week looks more exciting for an intriguing series of plotlines. 

What’s coming on this week’s Blue Bloods?

This week’s storylines involve some familiar faces causing more trouble for the Reagans in Poetic Justice

“Danny crosses paths with Sonny Le (Alex Duong), a criminal from a previous case, when he investigates a gang attack with a shocking motive. Also, Frank and Mayor Chase (Dylan Walsh) butt heads over an off-duty cop who goes too far making a political statement; Anthony worries Erin’s DA campaign could be threatened by her ex-husband Jack’s unsavory business connections; and Jamie investigates a potentially dirty officer whose identity may be close to home.”

Danny met Sonny in Season 12 when the gang leader was suspected of an attack. He was innocent of that crime as Danny encouraged Sonny to use his skills to help his neighborhood in legitimate ways.

The odd respect the pair have may play into this case with Danny trying to stop a gang war.

It’s never fun when Frank and Mayor Chase clash and this time, Frank will want to protect the force even as Chase is worried about public relations.

While Erin and Jack have restarted their relationship, Erin knows any bad connections can reflect poorly on her campaign. She may need to decide if becoming D.A. is more important than her romantic life. 

Jamie won’t like having to track down a dirty cop and the synopsis hints it may be someone he knows to make it harder. 

This will be the last episode until January 6 and so Blue Bloods closes out 2022 with some big turns for its characters. 

Blue Bloods Season 13 airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS.

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