Blue Bloods: 10 characters fans would enjoy seeing return

Blue Bloods
Nicholas Turturro, Jennifer Esposito and Bebe Neuwirth in Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

There was some tension for Blue Bloods fans in the final episodes of Season 11. Not if some danger would befall the Reagans but if the show was coming back.

There had been rumors that CBS might finally cancel the long-running series, but thankfully, those were untrue as Blue Bloods will be returning for season 12 in the fall. 

Not much is known about this coming year, but it’s likely to continue the trend of focusing on the Reagans and the law while using real-life situations for drama. It might also bring back some old faces from the past.

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While Blue Bloods doesn’t indulge in nostalgia as much as other long-running CBS shows, there’s still a great bevy of past characters with the potential to return. Some were once regular faces that haven’t been seen in a  long time, while others were recurring characters who sparked well.

Some are family, others friends, and still others outright enemies of the clan. Yet all have some potential to bring new drama to the series. These are ten characters it would be fun to see on Blue Bloods again to spark up the coming season.

Nicky Reagan

Nicky Regan
Sami Gayle as Nicky Reagan in Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

It’s logical that a kid grows up to leave the nest. Yet, it still seems odd not to have Erin’s daughter around as much.

It was terrific watching Sami Gayle grow as Nicky, from a teenager to a strong young woman. For a while, she seemed to want to join the “family business” as a cop, which upset her mother not wanting her in danger.

Erin also clearly had trouble accepting her daughter was turning into just as strong and stubborn a woman as her mom. 

Nicky grew out of that but still a proud advocate, which could occasionally get her in trouble. She left in Season 10 for a new job in San Francisco and made just one brief appearance in Season 11.

While Erin is happy to see her daughter living her own life, it would be good to have Nicky around more and maybe showing more of her mother’s strength, ending up working for the NYPD after all. 

Robert McCoy

Holt McCallany
Holt McCallany on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Erin is pretty busy with her career and not into romance. So it could be fun if a missed flame from her past made a return.

During a speed dating event, Erin met Robert McCoy and some flirtation even as they argued. That ended when Erin discovered that rather than a defense attorney, McCoy was her boss at the DAs’ office.

They still got along well until it was revealed McCoy had been covering up some corruption because one of the cops involved was a friend of his father. He was forced to resign, but the possibility he could make a comeback.

It would be fun to see McCoy as a defense attorney Erin clashes with in court and fighting her attraction to him would spice up their meetings.  

Kevin Kearns

Stacy Keach
Stacy Keach on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

A major part of the Reagans’ lives is their strong Catholic faith. That makes the appearances of Archbishop Kevin Kearns so good.

With his gruff demeanor, Stacy Keach is believable as Frank’s longtime friend who’s overseen such events from the christening of each kid to officiating Jamie and Eddie’s wedding. 

Kearns can also take issue with some of the NYPD’s stances in religious matters. He also got heat for getting Frank to look into possible abuse that exposed a priest had fathered a child. 

The discussions of the duo are always good to show Frank’s morals, yet how Kearns can be a bit too strict even for Frank. But given all the issues of the Reagans, a little divine guidance can always be a help.

Stan Rourke

Stan Rourke
Dan Lauria as Stan Rourke on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

It’s surprising that we don’t have more conflict between the NYPD and the Fire Department on this show.

Season 6’s With Friends Like These episode opens with some cops and police officers getting into a fight in Linda’s hospital that turns into a full-fledged brawl. 

That brings in Stan Rourke, the Fire commissioner who naturally clashes with Frank on who’s to blame for this. While they respect each other, it brings up the long-standing rivalry between the two departments.

With fire shows (no pun intended) hot thanks to Chicago Fire and Station 19, it would be interesting seeing more of how they interact with the cops and Stan helping out. 

Who knows, maybe CBS can launch a NYFD version of Bloods as a spin-off with Rourke leading the way.

Maggie Gibson

Who plays Maggie the medium on blue Bloods?
Callie Thorne is Maggie Gibson on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Danny’s own family thinks it’s time he finally moved on from the death of his wife Linda. Maggie Gibson might be the way to do it.

Callie Thorne’s self-professed psychic offered aid on a case. Naturally, Danny refused to believe she was more than a con artist but acknowledged she did have the insight to help the case. 

He was thrown by Maggie’s claims to have spoken to Linda’s spirit, encouraging Danny to move on. Yet Danny was intrigued and even attracted enough to wonder if Maggie would have dinner with him. 

She hasn’t been seen in a while, but Maggie would be fun in the role and interesting seeing her and Danny clicking more. Hopefully, Maggie knows better than anyone what the future for her and Danny holds. 

Robert Lewis

Michael Imperoli
Michael Imperioli in Blue Bloods Pic credit: CBS

All through the last season, Frank has had to handle the problems of accusations of harassment and corruption in the NYPD. Which makes it a prime moment for the return of Robert Lewis.

Played by Sopranos star Michael Imperioli, Lewis was a state prosecutor seemingly just doing his job investigating Danny shooting a serial killer.

Lewis showed his true colors by launching a witchhunt into the NYPD. He openly mocked Frank for being out of touch and even accusing him of covering up corrupt officers when Frank had been working with him.

It was unknown if Lewis was striking out of political motivations or a personal grudge but did cross lines going after Frank. Given the current climate, Lewis would have further fuel to clash with Frank, and that battle would be a fantastic sight. 

Darnell Potter

Darnell Potter
Atto Essandoh as Reverand Potter on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

He may not have been the most popular guy, but Darnell Potter was a prime sparring partner for the Reagans. 

The spotlight-loving local reverend would always be accusing the NYPD of harassment, often unwarranted and convinced Frank was covering for corrupt officers. More than once, Danny had to hold back belting the guy on camera. 

The fiery preacher may have meant well but often went over the top in his media appearances and riling people up. However, he was softened when his son was murdered and worked with the police to bring the killer to justice.

Given how the series addresses the real-life issues of police behavior, it would make sense for Potter to make a long-overdue return. The fact he actually has a point in some of his rantings fuels it.

It’s also good as Frank himself noted that Potter was a needed voice on issues, no matter how loud it could get. 

Kelly Peterson

Bebe Neuwirth
Bebe Neuwirth on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Played by Broadway and TV veteran Bebe Neuwirth, Kelly Peterson was a much-needed charge to Frank’s life.

The New York Inspector General took no gruff and was not interested in playing Frank’s usual games. Yet he respected her toughness, and it was clear there was chemistry (helped by a past relationship).

Even the rest of the family was encouraging Frank to think of Kelly as more than just a working acquaintance, but he was reluctant. As it turned out, Kelly resigned as she couldn’t trust herself to be professional enough around Frank. 

Yet that clash leading to possible romance was a fun arc for fans. Seeing as Neuwirth isn’t too busy now, it’s logical Kelly might have gotten another government job bringing her to New York.

Frank is overdue for a romantic connection if nothing else, and Kelly was one of the best chances for it. 

Jackie Curtola

Jackie Blue Bloods
Jennifer Esposito as Jackie Curtola on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

As great as Baez has been as Danny’s partner, Jackie was his first one. 

Played by Jennifer Esposito, Jackie was a tough cop who overcame a difficult marriage to be a tenacious investigator. She could take some cases personally but more than ready to wipe the floor with some scumbag suspect.

She wasn’t perfect with some of her viewpoints but got along well with the Reagans, including friends with Linda. Jackie also had to endure a few dangers on the job.

She left in season 3 due to Esposito having some real-life health issues on set. It would be fun to catch up with Jackie and see how she’s doing and a mix of Danny’s partners joining up for a case. 

Anthony Renzulli

Anthony Renzulli
Nicholas Turturro as Anthony Renzulli in Blue Bloods Pic credit: CBS

Already a cop show veteran thanks to NYPD Blue, Nicholas Turturro was an excellent choice to play Jamie’s first training officer.

A great touch of the dynamic was Renzulli respecting Jamie not coasting on the family name even as he poked fun at Jamie wanting to be a lawyer before becoming a cop.

The pair got along great, with Renzulli showing Jamie the ropes on the street and giving him needed advice. He got Jamie to see that being by the book was good, but it was okay to bend the rules a bit now and then.

Renzulli was later shot and moved to a desk job in the precinct. That was the last seen of him, but it would be good to catch up and see what he’s up to.

Perhaps he moved up or even retired, but it’d be nice to have Renzulli check up on Jamie and be proud of how far his former protegee has gone.

Blue Bloods seasons 1-11 streaming on Hulu. 

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