Bloodwitch: Is the band on I Am Not Okay With This real and can you listen to their music?

Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Cleff in I Am Not Okay With This
Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Cleff in I Am Not Okay With This. Pic credit: Netflix

The latest Netflix series I Am Not Okay With This tackles a coming of age story about a teen dealing with lots of angst and numerous issues in a Pennsylvania High School. It also has a killer soundtrack to match its story.

The series stars IT star Sophia Lillis as Sydney, a troubled girl dealing with the death of her father as well as her own sexual identity. On top of that, her body is going through changes — of the superhero kind.

Along for this ride is her best friend Dina and a quirky kid from down the street named Stanley Barber. And Stanley has an obsession with the band Bloodwitch, which he insists she listens to during her free time.

But is the band Bloodwitch real? And if so, how can viewers jam out to their songs? Here is everything to know.

Bloodwitch: Is the band on I Am Not Okay With This real?

Long story short, Bloodwitch is not a real band, at least not in our world.

The made-up fictional band Bloodwitch is listed on the soundtrack under the pseudo name but is actually just Blur guitarist Graham Coxon rocking out for our listening pleasure.

And if that name sounds familiar, it’s because Coxon also did the soundtrack for The End of the F**cking World. Both series share the same creators. Fans of the show can click here to check out his work from that series which featured a catchy riff about Mashed Potatoes.

The Bloodwitch group also features vocals from Tatyana Richaud who is an actress and musician.

The musical talent even expressed her excitement via Facebook about the collaboration exclaiming,

“Bloodwitch album is here! Music and lyrics all by the amazing #grahamcoxon, vocals by Graham and me! All for the series #iamnotokaywiththis, streaming now on Netflix!”

Bloodwitch: Can you listen to their music?

As seen in the post above by Richaud, the music from the fake band Bloodwitch can be streamed on Apple Music as well as Spotify.

For those curious which song by Bloodwitch is playing when Stanley texts her and Sydney begins dancing on the bed, that would be the track titled “Fly.”

The song Fly, and the source from Spotify, can be found below.

Besides Bloodwitch, the soundtrack features a lot of great ’80s songs that almost make the series feel like a period piece.

That said, between the music and the storyline, I Am Not Okay With This should be worth a binge over the weekend for Netflix viewers.

I Am Not Okay With This is now streaming on Netflix.

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