Big Brother Veto spoilers: POV Ceremony hosted on Monday

Sam And Nick On BB21
Sam Smith and Nick Maccarone on Big Brother 21 cast. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother Veto spoilers have just been revealed on the live feeds. The Power of Veto winner just hosted the Monday ceremony and now fans can learn who the final nominees for eviction will be this week.

During the last episode of the show, CBS viewers found out that Holly Allen won the Head of Household spot this week. She then nominated Sam Smith and Nick Maccarone for eviction. Both guys knew the importance of winning the POV.

Over the weekend, the Veto Competition was played by the BB21 cast. Nick ended up winning the POV, giving him a chance to take himself off the block at the Veto Ceremony. It seemed like some really bad news for Sam.

Big Brother Veto spoilers: Was POV used this week?

On Monday, Nick Maccarone used the Power of Veto to save himself from the block. This information was revealed on the live feeds, leading to Holly naming a replacement nominee.

At the urging of Christie Murphy, Holly named Kathryn Dunn as the replacement. This is part of a plan to ensure that it is Sam who is going home on Big Brother this week.

It really looks like the end of the road for Sam, who seemed to be insinuating that he actually threw the Veto Competition on the live feeds. The full Veto Competition will be shown during the July 31 episode, where CBS viewers will find out exactly what transpired.

Unless there is another major shift in how things are going to transpire at the upcoming Eviction Ceremony, it appears that Sam Smith is about to be swiftly evicted from the Big Brother house. He will fail to make it to the BB21 jury and he will become the fifth houseguest evicted from the summer 2019 season.

Big Brother airs CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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