Big Brother spoilers: Veto players revealed on live feeds

Jackson In BB House
Candid photo of Jackson Michie in Big Brother 21 house. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

More Big Brother spoilers have been revealed on the live feeds.

A lot has happened during the first week of the show and that extends beyond the two episodes that have aired on CBS.

Late Wednesday evening, the CBS live feeds got turned on by producers. That’s when subscribers learned who has been nominated for eviction.

In the overnight hours, even more information has come out on the feeds, including who is going to be playing in the Power of Veto Competition this week. That challenge is likely to take place on Thursday (June 27).

Big Brother spoilers: Who are the Veto players?

Christie Murphy, who is the HOH, is one of the people playing for the Power of Veto. So are Kathryn Dunn and Cliff Hogg III, who she nominated for eviction in Week 1.

The three players joining Christie, Kathryn, and Cliff in the Veto Competition are Jack Matthews, Nicole Anthony, and Sam Smith. Those six players know what’s at stake when they start up the competition this week.

A new mega-alliance on Big Brother 21?

During Episode 2, it was revealed that there are six people working together in the game. That may actually be eight people if what has been taking place on the feeds is any indication.

Jack Matthews, Jackson Michie, Isabella Wang, Holly Allen, Christie Murphy, and Nick Maccarone were the original six. Now, it seems they have been joined by Tommy Bracco and Analyse Talavera.

Tommy and Christie were always assumed to be working together after it was discovered that they knew each other outside of the house. They have addressed that briefly during the show, but they had indicated efforts to keep it under wraps.

There should be more Big Brother spoilers coming from the live feeds as the week progresses, including who won the Power of Veto and who becomes the final eviction target in Week 1.

Big Brother 2019 episodes air on CBS on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday evenings.

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