Big Brother spoilers: Update on events in BB21 house

Jackson Michie During BB21 Veto
Jackson Michie during an episode of Big Brother 21. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds have set up the Eviction Ceremony for Thursday night. The BB21 houseguests already played for the Golden Power of Veto and the POV winner hosted the Veto Ceremony.

The Sunday night episode revealed that Holly Allen won the Head of Household Competition. She hung tough in an Endurance Challenge, outlasting Analyse Talavera to take over the power in the house.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Holly nominated Sam Smith and Nick Maccarone for eviction. They are two of the people outside of the Six Shooters alliance and easy targets for her to choose this week.

Big Brother spoilers: Veto Competition results

Holly, Sam, Nick, Jessica Milagros, Cliff Hogg, and Tommy Bracco played the Veto Competition. It seemed like a good group of players for Sam or Nick to earn safety for themselves.

Nick won the Power of Veto. It seems, based on the conversations seen on the live feeds, that Sam threw it in an attempt to save them both. It may have been a bad plan for Sam to try to carry out.

Nick hosts Veto Ceremony

Nick saved himself by using the POV, and it forced Holly to name a replacement. During the HOH Competition, she promised Kathryn Dunn that she wouldn’t nominate her, but it seems Kat volunteered to become a pawn.

At the upcoming Eviction Ceremony, the BB21 cast will decide to evict either Sam Smith or Kathryn Dunn. While the choice is there, it is evident Sam doesn’t have the votes to stay in the game.


There might not be any new Big Brother spoilers until after the Eviction Ceremony, as things are pretty set in the house for the week. This evictee is the final one who won’t make the BB21 jury. It will be an important moment for the summer 2019 season.

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