Big Brother spoilers: Players picked for the Power of Veto Competition

Christie And Analyse On BB21
Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera on Big Brother 21. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds have now revealed who will play for the Power of Veto this week.

A lot has taken place in the house over the past 48 hours, including an HOH Competition and a Nomination Ceremony. That helped supply the houseguests participating in the Veto Competition.

Holly Allen is the new Head of Household. She won an impressive Endurance Challenge to take power. Holly then nominated Sam Smith and Nick Maccarone for eviction.

Players picked for the Power of Veto

On Saturday, it was determined that Jessica Milagros, Tommy Bracco, and Cliff Hogg will be playing in the Veto Competition. They will join Holly, Nick, and Sam later on Saturday.

It’s unclear what the new Veto Competition will entail, but Sam and Nick know it is important to each of them to secure their own safety and take the vote out of the hands of the Six Shooters alliance.

If Sam or Nick wins the POV, it is also very likely that the other guy is the one who goes home next. The person evicted on Thursday night is also going to fail to make the BB21 jury, which is a big benchmark for the cast.

More Big Brother spoilers will come out late on Saturday, as the six houseguests will play for the POV and the results of the competition will be revealed on the live feeds. So stay tuned, because it’s a big day for Sam and Nick.

Big Brother airs CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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