Big Brother spoilers: Bayleigh goes off on Tyler during house meeting

Bayleigh looking angry on the live feeds
Bayleigh lost her cool at the Big Brother house meeting

Big Brother 20 has been in full chaos this week. When the hacker twist was revealed, no one knew how it would truly impact the game. Since Haleigh secretly nominated Tyler on Friday night, things have been rocky in the Big Brother house.

Everyone believed that Bayleigh was the hacker since Friday night. Unfortunately, they were all wrong. Haleigh made the move to nominate Tyler, but her friend was getting all the flack for her decisions.

Earlier today, Swaggy C wrote out a tweet blaming some of the men in the house for bullying Bayleigh even though they knew she was going home. After he received plenty of backlash for the tweet and his remarks about bullying, it was deleted.

Bayleigh has come under fire for comments she has made in the Big Brother house. She began her power trip when she won the Head of Household competition, and since then, she has been flying high.

Live feed viewers have been calling her out for rude comments about her fellow houseguests, some that were particularly hateful.

As planned, the Big Brother houseguests held a house meeting. Haleigh had the floor and revealed to everyone that she was the hacker and made the move against Tyler. She also threw Tyler under the bus for wanting Angela to be the replacement nominee last week instead of sending Rachel out the door.

Things got heated between the two, and Bayleigh was yelling and screaming at Tyler. All the while, he remained calm and composed, denying he ever brought up Angela. He isn’t apologizing to Bayleigh and that didn’t go over well.

The entire drama from the house meeting and Haleigh’s admission to Bayleigh screaming at Tyler can all be seen in the video below:

The drama is still running high in the house, and tomorrow, the pre-eviction speeches are expected to be epic. Rockstar has considered blowing up her game so Bayleigh could remain in the house.

After the events of today, it is unlikely that she could do anything that would change Level 6’s (now 4) votes to have Bayleigh leave.

Swaggy C is still defending his woman on social media. He believes the BB20 winner will come down to Bayleigh’s vote and if it is Tyler, he will lose. Of course, jury management is important in Big Brother, but at this point, if Tyler is sitting there, he has his ducks all in a row.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c and Thursday nights at 9/8c on CBS.