Big Brother Season 21, Episode 19 preview: No spoilers edition

Julie Chen Moonves On BB21
Julie Chen Moonves hosting an episode of Big Brother 21. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother Season 21, episode 19 airs on Wednesday evening. It’s an important episode for CBS viewers, but especially for those people who haven’t been reading up on the spoilers.

During the last episode of the show, Jessica Milagros was shown winning the Head of Household Competition. It had finished after the Thursday night episode was shown, so viewers had to wait until Sunday to find out the results.

Jessica spoke about taking her power back within the BB21 cast and then she hosted a memorable Nomination Ceremony. Jessica placed Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews on the block, making an attempt to send a big target out of the house.

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Big Brother Season 21, episode 19 preview

On the Wednesday night episode (August 7), there will be a lot of ground to cover. The episode will begin with a recap and show the reactions for Jessica, Michie, and Jack after the Nomination Ceremony.

Later in the episode, six people will play for the Power of Veto. It’s an important one, as there are still more members of the former Six Shooters alliance than people outside of it.

The episode will come to a close with the Veto Ceremony, where the POV winner will reveal if they are going to save someone from the block. It’s going to set the stage by presenting the final nominees that people will vote on during the August 8 Eviction Ceremony.

The August 7 episode of Big Brother 21 begins at 9/8c on CBS. Until it gets started, there is still time to vote in the America’s Vote twist for this summer.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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