Big Brother recap: Spoilers from Season 21, Episode 5 include eviction results

Kathryn Dunn In BB21 Bed
Kathryn Dunn is a member of the Big Brother 21 cast. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The Big Brother recap from Episode 5 will reveal a lot about Season 21. Many spoilers are expected to come out on July 3, including a potentially game-changing twist that is being advertised.

This article will serve as a live report of the new episode, with coverage beginning at 8/7c. The episode itself is the next chapter after the Veto Ceremony, where the final nominees for eviction this week were determined.

Make sure to refresh this page for live updates as the show airs tonight.

Previous Big Brother recap

During the last episode, Sam Smith won the Power of Veto. There was then a rush to figure out what to do at the Veto Ceremony, including Sam proposing the idea of putting Jack Matthews up for eviction.

At the Veto Ceremony, Sam saved Cliff Hogg from the block. Then, Head of Household Christie Murphy named Ovi Kabir as the replacement nominee. He took a seat next to Kathryn Dunn as the final eviction nominees for the week.

Heading toward what will take place on Wednesday night, CBS is hinting that something is up with the Eviction Ceremony. Will it be different than usual? Will previously banished David Alexander make another appearance? Make sure to tune in to find out.

Big Brother Season 21, Episode 5 recap

After a quick recap, it was time for host Julie Chen to introduce the twist. The new twist is that the evicted houseguest will remain in the house. There is more information to come from Julie later in the hour.

Footage from the past week was shown where Christie pulled aside Ovi with Jack Matthews there to tell him that he wasn’t going to be a target. Jack was then shown being frustrated about Kemi Faknule not being nominated.

Ovi and Kathryn each pushed hard to get people on their sides, but the editing made it look like they were both creating waves in the house in a negative fashion.

Ovi reveals his secret power

Ovi pulled aside Jackson Michie and Jack to share the information he had about his secret power. His hope was that this was a way to save himself while trying to convince the guys that the power would help them as well.

Eviction Ceremony vote

At the first official Eviction Ceremony of the season, the houseguests had to decide whether to evict Ovi Kabir or Kathryn Dunn. As the vote was taking place, Julie reminded viewers about the person staying in the house.

In a unanimous vote, Ovi Kabir was evicted. As he was saying his goodbyes, a trumpet was played in the house and Julie asked everyone to return to the living room.

Everyone was told about Camp Comeback, where the first four evicted houseguests would reside somewhere in the house until possibly getting a chance to return to the game. The doorbell rang and David Alexander was there to re-join the game.

Camp Comeback is where Ovi and David will reside during competitions, but there are allowed to listen in.

New HOH Competition

A question game was used to determine the new Head of Household. Getting a question wrong would eliminate people. Tommy Bracco, Holly Allen, and Kathryn Dunn were out first.

Jackson Michie, Jessica Milagros, Nicole Anthony, and Jack Matthews were the only people left after four questions. It then came down to just Jack vs Jessica for HOH. Jack beat Jessica to become the new Head of Household.

That brings an end to the Big Brother recap for Season 21, Episode 5. There are likely to be a lot of really exciting Big Brother 21 spoilers coming out on the feeds overnight.

Big Brother returns to CBS with new episodes for summer 2019 season.

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