Big Brother recap: Season 21, Episode 9 spoilers include Panic Power, Week 3 noms

Kemi And Nicole In BB21
Kemi Fakunle and Nicole Anthony discussing Big Brother 21 drama. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The Big Brother recap for Season 21, Episode 9 comes from Sunday night. This is the first episode since Kemi Fakunle was evicted from the game.

Kemi is now residing in Camp Comeback and hoping for a chance to return to the game.

At the end of the last episode, Nick Maccarone won the Head of Household Competition. It put him in a power position and gave him the opportunity to continue targeting the same people that his nine-person alliance has it in for.

Big Brother Season 21, Episode 9 recap

The episode began with Jackson Michie talking in the Diary Room about how he voted to save Kemi Fakunle so that he could lie about who did it. He told the cameras he was going to try to pin it on Nick, Bella Wang, or Nicole Anthony.

When Nick won HOH, Jackson decided he would lie about Nicole. Jackson would later tell Jack Matthews the truth.

Kemi and Bella got into a verbal argument as Kemi was trying to go to a Diary Room session. With Bella following her, Kemi turned around and came back.

The argument escalated as they were face-to-face and Bella put her hands on Kemi to push her aside.

The episode went back to the rogue vote, as Jackson continued telling other people that Nicole voted against Jessica Milagros.

Nick was shown becoming suspicious of Jackson and he approached Nicole to tell her that he didn’t believe the story that Jackson was peddling.

Week 3: Final Whacktivity Competition

Four houseguests had to work through a puzzle in the backyard during the Panic Whacktivity Competition. To do so, they had to dig through containers of cockroaches to find the clues.

The houseguest to solve the puzzle the fastest would win the Panic Power.

Analyse Talavera, Jessica Milagros, Christie Murphy, and Nick Maccarone played in the challenge. It was Christie who won the Panic Power.

It was later revealed that the secret power she received is a potential Diamond Power of Veto.

Christie can activate this power at the Veto Ceremony, allowing the Veto winner to replace a nominee with someone of their choosing.

This is different than in past seasons, as this will require Christie to actually win the Power of Veto if she wants to turn it into a Diamond Power of Veto and use it herself.

Week 3 Nomination Ceremony

The Big Brother recap for Season 21, Episode 9 comes to a close with the latest Nomination Ceremony.

Stating that he is targeting Jessica for eviction, he planned it out with Cliff Hogg to use him as a pawn. Nick then nominated Jessica and Cliff for eviction.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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