Big Brother is on tonight, Endurance Challenge on Big Brother live feeds

Kat In BB21 Competition
Kathryn Dunn participating in OTEV Veto Competition on Big Brother 21. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother is on tonight, as the top 10 houseguests have another Eviction Ceremony. The Big Brother live feeds are also going to be active, with an Endurance Challenge taking place later in the evening.

During the last episode of the show, Tommy Bracco was shown winning the Power of Veto. He then saved Christie Murphy from the block and cemented his nominations of Cliff Hogg and Kathryn Dunn.

Episode 23 is going to be an important one, especially since there is a lot of drama surrounding whether it is going to be Cliff or Kat sent to the BB21 jury. One of them is going to be very disappointed and it is still up in the air how Nicole Anthony is going to decide between her two friends on the block.

Big Brother tonight: Live feeds Endurance Challenge

Having the show on tonight will bring an end to the discussions of alliances forming and re-forming, but it won’t bring an end to the drama. Once the Eviction Ceremony has taken place, host Julie Chen Moonves will instruct the houseguests to head to the backyard to begin the new Head of Household Competition.

The Twitter account for the show has revealed that this particular HOH Competition is going to be an Endurance Challenge. It’s about that time of the season to do something like the sliding challenge in the backyard, where the houseguests have to transport liquid from one side to the other. Could that take place tonight?

The CBS live feeds are expected to be turned on following the credits for Episode 23. It usually takes about five minutes for the feeds to get up and running, but then the subscribers should have a front-row seat to another important challenge. Winning the power and becoming the HOH of the top nine is a very important moment.

Big Brother 21 airs new episodes on CBS every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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