Big Brother Episode 13 recap: Secret powers, slop, and a Veto

Julie Chen Hosting Big Brother
Julie Chen is hosting Big Brother again during summer 2019 season. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The Big Brother Episode 13 recap from Wednesday night covers what happened with the Veto Competition and who ended up as the final nominees for eviction this week.

During Episode 12, Cliff Hoff was shown winning the Head of Household. It took place shortly after he had won the Camp Comeback Challenge, so he immediately had become a threat in the game.

Cliff decided to make a bold move. He nominated Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews for eviction. It definitely drew a line in the sand within the house, putting Cliff in a power position in the game.

Big Brother Episode 13 recap

Following the Nomination Ceremony, Cliff spoke in the Diary Room about targeting “alpha-males” in the game. Jackson spoke about how he volunteered to go up on the block and was upset that he wasn’t going against Nick Maccarone or Bella Wang.

Jack whined some more, saying that Cliff “sucks” during his Diary Room session.

Jack and Tommy Bracco each had crying sessions after the nominees were revealed. Christie Murphy had a few Diary Room sessions where she spoke about not wanting to use her Panic Power, despite having two of her alliance members on the block.

Have-Not and slop time

Head of Household Cliff was tasked with choosing four people to become Have-Nots. They would get cold showers, only be able to eat slop, and have to sleep in an uncomfortable Have-Not Room.

Cliff selected Kathryn Dunn, Tommy Bracco, Christie Murphy, and Jackson Michie as the four houseguests who would be eating slop for the week.

Not seen during the episode were the problems Jackson had following the Have-Not rules.

Veto players and Chaos Power

In the Veto draw, Cliff got his choice and went with Sam Smith. Jack then picked Holly Allen and Jackson picked Jessica Milagros. Jack didn’t like the roster, so he activated the Chaos Power to force everyone to draw again.

During the redraw, Cliff picked Kathryn, Jack picked Sam, and Jackson picked Analyse Talavera. Jack didn’t seem to be very pleased with how everything turned out.

Veto Competition

The Power of Veto was up for grabs in an individual challenge. The six competitors had to keep three buttons pressed on a jet ski while they undressed down to their bathing suits.

The person completing the challenge the fastest would win the Golden Power of Veto. It was Jackson who ended up winning the Veto.

Cliff and Christie had a long meeting where she assured him that she wouldn’t use the power if he would put up Bella. She also promised to keep Cliff safe and use the power down the road to help him if he didn’t force her to use it this week.

Veto Ceremony: Who is nominated for eviction?

The Big Brother Episode 13 recap comes to an end with a dramatic Veto Ceremony. Jackson Michie used the Power of Veto to save himself from the block. Christie Murphy did not use the Panic Power.

Cliff Hogg then placed Bella Wang on the block as the replacement nominee. This means that Jack and Bella are on the block for the July 25 Eviction Ceremony.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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