Big Brother 21 spoilers: Who goes home tonight at Eviction Ceremony?

Kathryn Dunn At Veto Competition
Kathryn Dunn is on the block at first Big Brother 21 Eviction Ceremony. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The first Big Brother 21 Eviction Ceremony takes place on Wednesday night. But there may be something more to it than CBS has let on.

There is a new commercial on TV for the episode, saying that “It’s the first live eviction of the summer. Or is it?” The narrator goes on to say that “Big Brother is changing the game.” It seems to echo what host Julie Chen said about a big twist coming.

During the last episode, Sam Smith was shown winning the Power of Veto. He then saved Cliff Hogg from the block. This forced Head of Household Christie Murphy to name a replacement nominee. She went with Ovi Kabir.

Big Brother 21 spoilers about eviction vote

At the first Eviction Ceremony of the summer 2019 season, Kathryn Dunn and Ovi Kabir are on the block. Unless there is a twist in that regard, the houseguests would vote to evict one of them.

Ovi decided that in order to try to save himself, he would reveal to Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews his secret power in the game. Ovi won the first Whacktivity Competition, earning the chance to overthrow a Nomination Ceremony.

His suggestion to Jackson and Jack that this power could help them if he stayed in the house almost worked. But when the duo brought it up to Christie, she saw it as an additional reason to get Ovi out of the game. It appears that he is now set to be evicted.

Season 21, Episode 5 preview

The new episode is supposed to pick up after the Veto Ceremony and show why people might vote out either Kathryn or Ovi. That might be in addition to Julie Chen presenting a new twist to the game. Could it involve the banishment of David Alexander? Is he re-joining the BB21 cast?

The action gets started at 8/7c on Wednesday night, with a lot of ground to cover. This might indicate that there won’t be a new HOH Competition to wrap up the show. If that is the case, it could lead to some very exciting Big Brother 21 spoilers coming from the live feeds late in the evening.

Big Brother episodes are now Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights on CBS.

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