Big Brother 21 spoilers: Nominees have a plan for POV

Kat Meets With Julie Chen
Kathryn Dunn meets with Julie Chen Moonves on Big Brother 21. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother 21 spoilers from the live feeds have revealed an important conversation between the two nominees this week. It appears that they have a plan ahead of the Veto Competition, with the hopes that the HOH will work with them to backdoor someone else.

Late Thursday night, Jackson Michie won the Head of Household Competition. The BB21 cast played in an Endurance Challenge that he flat out dominated. This competition will be shown to the CBS audience on Sunday night.

On Friday, Jackson hosted the Nomination Ceremony. That’s where he let the house know that he was putting Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera on the block. As expected, there were a lot of tears, but most of them came from Sis.

Knowing that they were in danger of getting sent to the BB21 jury, Christie and Sis have been trying to hash out a plan to save themselves. They stumbled upon an idea that was revealed late Friday evening on the live feeds.

Big Brother 21 spoilers: Christie and Analyse have a plan

Christie, Analyse, and Tommy Bracco were gathered in the trailer on Friday to discuss what had taken place. They worked on an idea to appeal to Holly Allen in order to get Jackson to switch his targets this week.

The trio feels that they can convince Holly to work with them and that she will bring Jackson along with her. It’s a longshot, but they want to play on his emotions by claiming that “America” is watching him very closely.

Nick Maccarone has already told Sis that if Nicole Anthony is on the block next to Christie or Analyse that he will vote to evict Nicole. It’s an interesting move by Nick, which is helping to add fuel to the desire of Tommy, Christie, and Sis to shake things up again.

The plan is for one of them to win the POV and convince Jackson that he should put Nicole up on the block. As of now, Jackson still wants to use Tommy as a replacement.

The Veto Competition is going to take place on Saturday, where everything will be up in the air again. Jackson has the opportunity to win the POV and keep his nominations the same. At that point, one of his nominees would be heading to the BB21 jury, no matter how the vote turned out.

There is the potential for many more Big Brother 21 spoilers this weekend, so stay tuned folks, because things are getting very interesting for the final nine houseguests.

Big Brother airs episodes on CBS every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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