Big Brother 21 season finale recap: Who becomes the BB21 winner?

Nicole And Holly BB21
Nicole Anthony and Holly Allen near Big Brother 21 Memory Wall. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Who will be the Big Brother 2019 winner? We all find out tonight when the BB21 jury hands in their verdict. The final three houseguests with a shot are Nicole Anthony, Holly Allen, and Jackson Michie.

This article will serve as a live report for the Big Brother 21 season finale on Wednesday, September 25. Check in and make sure to refresh the page often after the episode gets started at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

There will be nine members of the BB21 jury who get to decide who takes home the $500,000 for winning the season. The second-place prize is $50,000 and there is an additional $25,000 prize for America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Host Julie Chen Moonves is going to be on hand and there should also be some recognizable faces in the audience. It is also very likely that the parents, friends, and relatives of the final three will be in attendance.

Time to crown the Big Brother 2019 winner

Season 21, Episode 40 of Big Brother 21 will begin following the season premiere of Survivor. There is a lot to cover in the 90-minute episode, including bringing back the five houseguests who got evicted before the jury was formed.

Bella Wang, Ovi Kabir, Kemi Fakunle, David Alexander, and Sam Smith were the first five people sent home. Julie may ask them about how their time has been outside of the game. Will Bella want to address Nick Maccarone after what he did in the jury house?

Cliff Hogg, Tommy Bracco, Christie Murphy, Jack Matthews, Kathryn Dunn, Analyse Talavera, and Jessica Milagros will also be on hand, ready to place their votes for the winner. Big Brother legend and former winner Will Kirby hosted a jury roundtable with them that will be a focal point of the episode.

Remember to tune in live or come by our article on Wednesday, September 25 at 9:30/8:30c to find out who is going to become the Big Brother 2019 winner.

Big Brother 21 season finale recap

Here we go! Host Julie Chen Moonves welcome the CBS audience and noted that after 99 days it was time to crown a winner. It was then time for an elongated version of “previously on Big Brother.”

It’s time for the Big Brother jury roundtable with Dr. Will Kirby. The first seven jurors guessed about who was going to join them next. No, Christie could not feel the energy of Cliff as he came to join the group.

The debate began with a lot of chatter about Jackson. They were split on how he played the game, with many of them stating that he just needed to be honest about lying and not try to pretend he was honest the whole time. Kat said he was loyal, to which Analyse had to laugh, as he had continuously been targeting Kat.

When it was time to talk about Holly, they weren’t as kind. Analyse got pretty upset about it, stating Holly never did anything to win. Nick said Jackson was the brains and brawn of that showmance and duo.

HOH Competition Part 2

Nicole and Holly had to participate in a competition based on what took place on what day during the summer. The winner would advance to play Jackson in Part 3. It was a timed challenge and Holly won it.

HOH Competition Part 3

Holly and Jackson had to answer questions based on videos they watched about the jurors. Jackson won Part 3. This means that he got to decide who he took to the final two.

Jackson picks the Big Brother 21 final two

Jackson picked Holly to go with him to the final two. The pair then had to answer all of the questions that the jury asked of them. During that time, Jackson said he never insulted or made fun of a woman all summer. Huh?

Jackson and Holly then addressed the jury to try to secure final votes. It was then time for the jury to place their rushed votes, as the addresses took far too long.

The segments where the evicted houseguests got to speak were also extremely rushed, with Ovi speaking about the bullying in the house, Kemi talking about the biases being shown, and Jackson denying everything at every turn.

Nick spoke about moving on to Kat from Bella, stating that he tried to hide it from cameras so he could tell her in-person first.

BB21 jury vote

Nicole voted for Holly, Cliff voted for Jackson, Tommy voted for Jackson, Christie voted for Jackson, Jessica voted for Holly, Nick voted for Jackson, Analyse voted for Jackson and Julie stated that Jackson had won the show.

It was later revealed that Kat voted for Holly and Jack voted for Jackson. That made it a 6-3 vote in favor of Jackson Michie.

To close out the show, Nicole Anthony won America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Big Brother returns with Season 22 on CBS in summer 2020.

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