Big Brother 21 rumors: Social media post claims casting leak for 2019

Vanessa Rousso In Big Brother 21 rumors
Big Brother 21 rumors mention Vanessa Rousso as being invited to play again. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

Big Brother 21 rumors continued to arrive from social media posts on Sunday. It started out with posts about a season of All-Stars taking place, but now it has evolved into something a bit more specific.

Now, something interesting has been posted on a social media account that states that it has a lot of inside information for the BB21 cast.

Do they? That’s unclear. Especially since so many fake Twitter account tend to pop up as each season gets closer to starting.

Big Brother 21 rumors: A possible cast leak?

A Twitter account calling itself bb21 spoilers that has the user name bb21vets has posted a lot about the summer 2019 show over the past few weeks.

On Sunday, those posts included a statement that viewers will get to vote on some of the people who will play the game this time.

The site claims that Haleigh Broucher, Tyler Crispen, Zach Rance, Jessica Graf, Vanessa Rousso, and Victor Arroyo were asked to join the BB21 cast.

It goes on to state that Jessica and Victor declined, while Zach was dropped from the final cast list.

The names the site claims have taken their place are Cody Calafiore, Johnny Mac (the dentist), and Alex Ow.

This is where things could get very interesting, as the site claims America will vote on which two males and two females they want to enter the game.

Are these Big Brother 21 rumors correct?

On the surface, these types of stories seem plausible, as they work with information that has been shared in the past.

America has voted on houseguests before, these are popular names from past seasons, and there have been a lot of rumors about an All-Stars season. It creates the perfect scenario for stories to be constructed.

That’s not where the current Big Brother 21 rumors come to an end. The Twitter page also claims the new 2019 houseguests have all been sequestered.

That would mean that 12 people have already been cut off from the outside world, but also that these six former houseguests are hanging out in hotel rooms as well.

It was revealed that former houseguest Jeff Schroeder has a big announcement to make on Monday.

If any of this information from the new Twitter account is correct, fans should expect Jeff to speak about some of it.

As nothing has been confirmed by CBS, the production team, returning host Julie Chen, or casting director Robyn Kass, these Big Brother 21 rumors should not be considered factual until some form of confirmation is made.

Big Brother 21 start date is Tuesday, June 25 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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