Big Brother 21 recap: Episode 28 spoilers include Zingbot, POV results

Zingbot BB21
Zingbot made an appearance with the Big Brother 21 cast during summer 2019 season. Pic credit: CBS.YouTube

The Big Brother 21 recap for Episode 28 comes from the Wednesday night show. The August 28 episode had a lot to cover, as Prank Week had continued in the house and it was time to reveal who won the Power of Veto.

During Episode 27 from Sunday night, Holly Allen was shown beginning her tenure as the Head of Household. This is the second time that she has been the HOH during the summer 2019 season.

CBS viewers were also introduced to the Big Brother Prankster. America had picked Nick Maccarone with the vote, giving him the power to name one of the nominees for eviction.

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At the Nomination Ceremony, Holly nominated Nick for eviction. In an anonymous nomination, Nick placed Christie Murphy on the block. Having Nick and Christie nominated wasn’t too surprising, even though the method was unexpected.

It’s time for a little Zingbot

Zingbot was on hand for the latest episode of Big Brother 21, making jokes about the final eight remaining houseguests. He had jokes about Nick’s hair, Nicole’s lack of friends, Holly’s age, and even how Christie chews her food. Nobody was spared from the zings.

Veto Competition time

Three more houseguests joined Holly Allen, Nick Maccarone, and Christie Murphy in playing for the Power of Veto. They were Cliff Hogg, Jackson Michie, and Jessica Milagros. Nicole Anthony served as the host.

Possibly the worst-case scenario took place for Nick and Christie, as it was Jackson who won the POV. Nobody outside of Holly was really sure what he was going to do with it this week.

Veto Ceremony

At the Veto Ceremony, Jackson pocketed the Golden Power of Veto, deciding to keep the nominations the same. This means that Nick Maccarone and Christie Murphy will be on the block when the Eviction Ceremony takes place Thursday night.

There have been rumors about a Double Eviction taking place, but that seems pretty unlikely.

Nick tried to get more people on his side by sharing that he had been named America’s Prankster, but even that wasn’t enough to sway Holly or Jackson to do anything in his favor.

That brings an end to the Big Brother 21 recap for Episode 28. The next installment of the show will take place on Thursday, August 29. If you want to find out which BB21 cast member has a legend from the show rooting for them, check out this report.

Big Brother episodes air Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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