Big Brother 21 host: Who is going to work with BB21 cast in 2019?

Julie Chen Hosting Celebrity Big Brother
Julie Chen hosted Celebrity Big Brother 2 in winter 2019. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 21 host rumors stretched back to the end of the summer 2018 season. With the separation of CBS from former CEO Les Moonves, following sexual harassment allegations, there were questions about whether or not Julie Chen would return.

When she signed off during an episode at the end of the season, she referred to herself as Julie Chen Moonves, showing solidarity with her husband.

While Chen ended up walking away from her job co-hosting The Talk, she did return for Celebrity Big Brother 2.

Who is Big Brother 21 host?

CBS has addressed the situation for the summer 2019 season, stating that Julie Chen is indeed back as the Big Brother 21 host. In a new advertisement for the CBS All Access feature, Chen is also featured early on.

Bringing back Julie Chen for another season of the show guarantees continuity for the BB21 cast. The producers will be able to focus on the new houseguests and not the introduction of a new host.

It is also good for the viewers, as consistency is what helps drive ratings for reality competition shows.

When is Big Brother 2019 start date?

The big day has nearly arrived. The long wait from the crowning of the Big Brother 20 winner (Kaycee Clark) to the Big Brother 21 season premiere is nearly over.

On Tuesday, June 25, the first part of a two-night season premiere will air on CBS. The episode will begin at 8/7c and it will serve as an introduction to the BB21 cast. It will also reveal the summer 2019 theme to the at-home audience.

As the new season gets even closer, fans should expect Julie Chen to reveal a house tour. That’s when die-hard fans should learn what producers are using as the new theme. Is it All-Stars? Is that still just a rumor?

With fewer than three weeks until the season premiere, the on-air promotions for CBS are only going to increase. It will be especially noteworthy when the names of the BB21 cast members are revealed.

Big Brother 21 will air on CBS during summer 2019.

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