Big Brother 21 cast member ready to apply for Survivor

Julie Chen Final Three
Julie Chen Moonves hosting Episode 39 of Big Brother 21. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

A Big Brother 21 cast member made an interesting statement on the live feeds that has led to a lot of debate among fans of the show. They will apply to be on Survivor. It led to a conversation about The Amazing Race as well.

Caleb Reynolds made the jump from Big Brother 16 to Survivor 32. He was also invited back for Survivor 34. Past contestants like Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson have also gone on to win The Amazing Race.

So, could a member of the BB21 cast actually find success on Survivor? That’s what Jackson Michie seems ready to accomplish. But could he actually survive on a show that doesn’t cater to his every whim?

Late Monday night, Jackson and Nicole Anthony were discussing what they will do outside of the house. Jackson noted that he was ready to apply for Survivor. Nicole spoke about The Amazing Race.

Could Jackson Michie win Big Brother and Survivor?

It’s possible that Jackson will soon be named the Big Brother 21 winner. From there, it would improve his resume for applying to one of the other hit CBS shows. Season 39 and 40 of Survivor have already been filmed, so would have to wait a bit to be on the show.

A bigger question is whether Jackson could actually succeed in Survivor? He didn’t do very well when he was a Have-Not on Big Brother, which included several times where he was caught on camera sneaking food. That’s not something that would go over well on Survivor.

At the same time, Jackson has shown that he can compete in many different types of challenges. He might be able to do very well at securing Tribal and Individual Immunity on the show. But then he would also have to work well with others. Could he do it? Fans might not have to wait long, as he could soon be applying to join the Survivor 41 cast.

Big Brother 21 season finale airs on Wednesday, September 25 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

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