Big Brother 2019 spoilers: Who gets evicted on Thursday night?

Jackson And Tommy BB21 Battle
Jackson Michie and Tommy Bracco battle it out on Big Brother 21. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother 2019 spoilers from the live feeds give information about who gets evicted on Thursday night. The stage has been set, the plans have been made, and the votes are in place.

Jackson Michie is the current Head of Household. CBS viewers saw him nominate Christie Murphy and Jessica Milagros at the latest Nomination Ceremony. Over the weekend, the Power of Veto was assigned and used.

Tommy Bracco won the POV again and he used it to save Christie from the block. Jackson then named Cliff Hogg, who had volunteered to do this, as the replacement nominee.

Coming up on the Thursday night episode of the show, either Cliff or Jessica is going to become the next member of the BB21 jury. As it stands, we already know who is going to be joining Nick Maccarone, Analyse Talavera, Kathryn Dunn, and Jack Matthews in the jury house.

Big Brother 2019 spoilers: Who gets evicted Thursday night?

The four-person alliance of Jackson, Cliff, Holly Allen, and Nicole Anthony still holds all the power in the house. It is expected that Holly and Nicole will vote to evict Jessica, even if Tommy and Christie elect to vote against Cliff.

In the event of a 2-2 tie, Jackson would then vote to send Jessica to the BB21 jury. He would like to avoid a situation where he has to anger another jury member in this fashion, but his vote will be dictated by what Tommy and Christie decide to do during eviction night.

Jessica Milagros never seemed to figure out what was going on this season. It’s possible that it all came down to trusting the wrong people at the start of the summer, as Isabella Wang lied about it being Jessica’s idea to do an all-girls alliance, turning some people against her early on.

At the same time, Jessica failed to figure out that the house was split and trusted the wrong people. Now she will have a few weeks to decide who she wants to vote for as part of the jury.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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