Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who won the Power of Veto week 6?

The Power of Veto necklace
The Power of Veto is the most important win for the nominees

Big Brother 20 has changed it up for week 6. Last week, Rachel Swindler was sent home just one week shy of joining the jury. It was shocking to some of the houseguests, but everyone knows that sometimes pawns go home.

Angela pulled through to win the week 6 Head of Household rights. It was obvious that Level 6 (now 4) was safe, but her targets weren’t clear. With a little help from Tyler in her ear, the nominations were set.

Scottie and Rockstar were nominated for eviction yesterday. It happened earlier in the day, something that caught live feed viewers by surprise.

As it turns out, the hacker competition took place later in the day. Julie Chen announced it Thursday night during the live eviction, but no one was sure about what it was.

Last night it was revealed that Haleigh won the hacker power. She was able to take down one of Angela’s nominations and replace it with one of her own.

Tyler took a seat on the block and Scottie came down. She will also be able to cancel a vote on eviction night and she chose a player to play in the Power of Veto competition today.

The players chosen to play for the Power of Veto were Angela, Tyler, Rockstar, Scottie, Brett, and Kaycee. It was confirmed that Angela chose Brett and it looks like Haleigh chose Kaycee. Choosing Faysal to play in the PoV competition would have outed her as the hacker.

After the feeds returned following the Power of Veto competition, it became clear that Angela won the prize. From what is being said the competition as filled with prizes as well. It was confirmed that Scottie ended up with $5,000 and tried to get Angela to take that and give him the PoV. Tyler decided to take a trip to Hawaii instead of winning safety.

Right now, it looks like Angela is going to save Tyler and nominate someone else in his place. Unless Brett or Kaycee are put on the block, Level 6 (now 4) will be safe for another week. There is speculation Bayleigh could be put on the block, and she would likely be voted out over Rockstar.

Talk in the Big Brother house suggests Jessie (Mr. PEC-Tacular) was the Power of Veto host or has something to do with the competition. This isn’t shocking as he has made several appearances on the show since his season.

Monday will be when the Power of Veto ceremony takes place and when Angela will nominate someone else to sit beside Rockstar. At this point, it is anyone’s guess who will sit there on eviction night.

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