Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who won Head of Household in week 9?

Haleigh, JC, Angela and part of Sam's face as they watch Zingbot on Big Brother 20
The week 9 Head of Household holds a lot of power on Big Brother 20

It’s safe to say that Faysal’s first Head of Household was an epic disaster, at least for BB20 houseguests who aren’t a part of the Level 6 (now four) alliance. Faysal targeted Scottie, who had been working with his group previously and everyone scratched their heads as he headed to the jury house.

That led to the week 9 Head of Household competition called Sweet Shot, which started right near the end of the episode. Despite the competition lasting nearly two hours after the end of the Big Brother live eviction episode, this week’s Head of Household competition did not air on the live feeds.

Faysal is the outgoing HoH so he isn’t able to play this week. That leaves just Haleigh, Angela, Kaycee, Tyler, Sam and Brett to compete for the coveted week 9 win.

When the BB20 live feeds came back up, it was Angela who had the HoH key around her neck. She was chatting with Haleigh about the win, trying to convince her that it was all luck and nothing more.

With Angela running the Big Brother house again this week, that means some more shocking cuts are about to take place. Keeping in mind that Angela is cunning and heartless, just like Zingbot said, it’s very likely that she just might shock Big Brother 20 viewers this week.

From the perspective of Angela’s alliance, she should nominate Fessy and Haleigh this week, ridding the Big Brother house of one more player from the other side.

However, Angela cut her own best friend from the house when she sent Rachel packing in the most ruthless way possible. What’s to stop her from pulling another huge move and sending another threat out of the game instead?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to put up Tyler and Brett? Or even Brett and JC? It’s time to start weeding out the top players because let’s be honest, Faysal or Haleigh up against pretty much anyone else would all but guarantee the win for the other person no matter who else it might be.

One thing is for sure, Angela has the cojones to pull off a huge, heartless move if it improves her chances of winning $500,000. Also, keep in mind that she doesn’t know about the battle back so this is the perfect opportunity for Angela to blow up her game too.

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