Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who wins the week 8 HoH competition?

The BB20 houseguests battle to fill the punch bowls
Big Brother 20 brings back an old favorite as the HoH comp heads to the live feeds

The live eviction tonight on Big Brother 20 was one for the record books as Level 6 (now four) sent Rockstar to the jury house. The episode went long and the fight for the week 8 Head of Household played out on the live feeds.

It’s Time To Party was the theme of the comp and the houseguests were dressed the part, explaining their interesting attire during the live eviction ceremony. This competition has been played on Big Brother before.

It’s the one where you have to balance, slide or try to run across a slippery runway with a very small funnel of punch. The player who fills up the punch bowl fast enough, freeing the ping pong ball on top wins the HoH.

Because of his size and speed, Faysal took an early lead in making the ping pong ball rise which is a good thing because his alliance needs a win really bad after sending Rockstar to the jury house.

Normally this competition takes much longer, if memory serves but the BB20 group managed to wrap it up relatively quick. After about 20 minutes of live feeds after the episode went off the air, it was clear that no one would be beating Faysal tonight.

Faysal quickly filled his container to the top and freed the ping pong ball. He and the other houseguests celebrated his first HoH win right in the middle of his lane.

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