Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who got the crap app and power app for week 3?

Julie Chen on the set of Big Brother 20
The final apps were delivered in the Big Brother house

Big Brother 20 is off to a great start. Week 3 began last night and already we have information about what is happening in the house.

Scottie won the third Head of Household competition with Rachel coming in second place. After he pulled a switch vote during the live eviction, his nominations are iffy.

This was the last week of voting in the Big Brother App store. One more houseguest will get the crap app and one more houseguest will be given a power to change the game.

Earlier today, the live feeds were down for a few hours while the Big Brother houseguests were each called into the app room. While the results shouldn’t be shocking, there was definitely a surprise thrown in there.

Who got the crap app?

The crap app was given to the least trending houseguest. Haleigh revealed that she was given the punishment, which was shocking to viewers. While she definitely isn’t one of the most talked about houseguests, she definitely isn’t one that is the most hated either.

Haleigh’s punishment really doesn’t seem too bad compared to eating a whole bunch of ham like Faysal. Instead, she has to dress up in costume and read Hamlet out loud each time Big Brother instructs her to do so.

So far, there’s been a lot of Shakespeare in the Big Brother 20 house, as they keep calling Haleigh to perform.

Who got the power app?

After Swaggy C was backdoored and ultimately voted out, Bayleigh was left alone in the Big Brother house. Her alliance still has her back (or most of them do anyway), but America clearly felt she needed an upper hand against the others. Bayleigh was given the power app.

The app given to her allows her to make the nominations instead of the current Head of Household. No one will know who changed them, not even the HoH. Bayleigh explains that she has until the final 8 players are left in the house to use her power. If one of the nominees are taken off the block, the HoH will name the replacement, Bayleigh will no longer be in control.

Remember, the other two powers held by Sam and Tyler are also still in play. Big Brother could be changed heavily if the three of them use their powers.

Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS and Thursday nights at 9/8c.

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