Big Brother 20 premiere: Everything you need to know before you watch

Julie Chen will welcome everyone to Big Brother 20 tonight

Big Brother 20 premieres tonight and fans are ready!

All of the houseguests moved in last Wednesday. There is plenty of material for the premiere tonight, much of it already having been leaked to loyal fans and followers.

Going into it, Kaycee Clark and JC Monduix have been the most talked about houseguests. They also appear to have fan bases built on their occupations prior to the show. Could they be in the running for America’s Favorite Houseguest before the show officially begins?

Some Big Brother fans aren’t interested in spoilers and if that is the case, you should probably stop reading now. So much has happened over the last week, and we have it all right here for you!

The first Head of Household was played already. It appears that Tyler won the HoH the first time around. Will this place a huge target on him going forward?

Nominations happened over the weekend. Instead of trying to figure out the biggest targets or doing nominations based on who he dislikes, the HoH chose to put the two who fell out of the competition first. That is one of the fairest ways to do it, hopefully keeping the blood off his hands.

Keep in mind, there is also a hi-tech twist for Big Brother 20 we aren’t fully clear on. Rumors are that social media may play a role in it, but we are waiting to see what the Chenbot herself has to say.

All in all, Big Brother 20 looks like it is shaping up nicely in the one week since the houseguests moved into their home for the next three months!