Best Netflix shows to watch in November 2018

Claire Underwood is taking over in Season 6 of House of Cards. Pic credit: Netflix
Claire Underwood is taking over in Season 6 of House of Cards. Pic credit: Netflix

It’s getting colder outside and Netflix seems to be more appealing than ever. Perhaps the streaming service knows that we are eagerly waiting for new shows that will have us glued to the television because they are releasing some amazing new shows for us all.

We’ve gathered the best Netflix shows that are currently on the streaming service below, and we’ve included some older shows that may just be worth your while.

Making A Murderer

On October 19, 2018, the second season of Making A Murderer was released. The show follows the case of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, two men who have been convicted of murdering photographer Teresa Halbach.

The first season of the docu-series focused on the case of Avery and Dassey and tried to explain how the two were set up and framed for a murder they didn’t commit. The show also questioned the police in Manitowoc County, hinting they were behind the setup.

Kathleen Zellner, a powerful attorney who works for the wrongfully convicted, joins the show’s second season and she shares her theory about what really happened to Teresa. She openly points the finger at Brendan’s brother Bobby Dassey in a shocking allegation. This show is definitely worth spending 10 hours on – 20 if you haven’t watched the first season!

House Of Cards

The final season of House Of Cards is coming to Netflix on November 2. The sixth season of the show will focus on Claire Underwood, who is now the President of the United States.

Since Netflix cut ties with Kevin Spacey after sexual allegations against him, his role has been cut from the show. It was previously revealed he was killed off, which leaves so many questions.

Netflix hasn’t revealed how Frank Underwood died, but his death opens up anything and everything. The final season can only be historical and unforgettable. The previous five seasons are on Netflix, so you still have a few days to catch up.

Narcos: Mexico

Narcos is another one of Netflix’s success stories. While the show was only meant to focus on Kiki Camarena, the DEA agent who played a defining role in the war on drugs, it’s clear that fans want more.

The first three seasons covered the rise and fall of Colombia’s Medellin and Cali Cartels, leaving fans wondering how a fourth season could be made.

Well, Netflix is starting over by bringing Narcos to Mexico. Narcos: Mexico is about the Mexican’s cartels, and it seems that Netflix sees this fourth season as both a prequel and a spinoff. You can start binging the show on November 16.

The Haunting of Hill House

On October 12, 2018, The Haunting of Hill House was added to Netflix and it’s a show that has people talking. The show is about Hugh Crain, played by Henry Thomas, who removes his children from their gothic mansion, leaving his wife, Olivia behind. Olivia is played by Carla Gugino and she dies that night, a death ruled a suicide. However, the story doesn’t end with her death. The show follows her five children and their various struggles, including drugs.

This psychological horror-drama-thriller show is one that people can’t quite figure out as they watch it, but one that is getting great reviews on Netflix. It’s definitely worth checking out, but we’ll warn you now – there’s a lot of jump-scare scenes!


Mindhunter was first released on October 13, 2017, so you may have seen it as you scroll through Netflix, wondering what to watch. The show is about FBI agents, who search for a serial killer who doesn’t seem to fit a profile. Set in 1977, detectives interview serial killers to see if they can learn something new so they can catch their guy.

The reason why we included Mindhunter on the list is that it has been renewed for a second season. Since it has been a year since the first season was released, we are guessing the second season is just around the corner. Netflix officially confirmed a second season on November 30 last year, and director and exec producer David Fincher hinted it was coming back in 2018. It could happen later this year or early next year. Either way, you can watch the first season and prepare yourself for the second season.


On November 30, Netflix will release another of their original shows. Baby is about teen sex workers in Rome. The story focuses on Chiara, a promising elite high school student who sells sex at night.

The show is about independence and the search for identity. Netflix has released very few details about the show, including a vague trailer, so for this show, it may just be best to check it out yourself.

Super Drags

If you are looking for something on the lighter side, Super Drags may be the show for you. It’s all about superheroes and drag queens in the world of animation.

Super Drag is from Brazil and it has been labeled as a raunchier version of Powerpuff Girls. The best part is the voices, which include some RuPaul Drag Race superstars. Trixie Mattel, Shangela, Willam and Ginger Minj all lend their voices to this new show. You can watch it on Netflix starting November 9.

The West Wing

Sometimes, we aren’t looking for the newest shows when searching. We want something good, something that will keep us occupied for a while. It will be months before the weather heats up again. We decided to include The West Wing on the list, as you can find all seven seasons on Netflix. The West Wing is an award-winning show and it has been called the best political drama of all time.

What will you be watching on Netflix in November?

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