Beskar Steel on The Mandalorian: The bounty hunter armor explained

Pedro Pascal as The Mandalorian.
Pedro Pascal as The Mandalorian. Pic credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

The first episode of The Mandalorian had a lot to offer. Between the Ravinaks, Mythosaurs, blaster fights, and a surprise character, the series premiere leaves a lot for fans to unpack on its grand opening.

One small detail of the series has viewers asking a lot of questions because throughout the episode The Mandolorian is enticed by Beskar steel. His enemies want it, his customers pay in it, and he himself wears it as armor.

Viewers who are not fluent in Star Wars might be curious about what Beskar steel is and why it matters so much to The Mando character. Well, here is everything to know about Beskar steel from The Mandolorian.

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What is Beskar Steel from The Mandalorian?

According to the official site of Star Wars, the armor that Mandalorians wear is called beskar’gam which in the language of Mandalore means “Iron Skin.” The site goes on to explain that the steel is exclusively worn by Mandalorian warriors only and both men and women sport the material in the culture.

The first appearance of the material appeared in The Empire Strikes Back but in canon, it originates far back in the timeline of Star Wars. Specifically, the timeline of 24000 BBY which the Star Wars website explains was during the time of Mandalore the First’s power.

As far as its significant value, well, this stuff is like gold to a Mandalorian warrior. CBR explains that Beskar Steel has the ability to withstand Jedi weaponry. This includes blasters as well as the famous lightsaber. And as the site explains, because of this, it’s considered one of the most crucial metals in the galaxy.

The value of the iron seems to be further hinted within the show when Mandolorian is surprised to be paid in the material by Werner Herzog’s character The Client. And the armorer who melts it into armor suggests that most of it was taken in The Great Purge. But that event has not been explained yet on the show.

The official site of Star Wars dives deeper into the metal, including various designs and shapes of older versions of the armor as well as the history of how Mandalorians used it in battle. But the takeaway here is this stuff is rare and super indestructible against galactic weapons and it’s incredibly valuable.

The next episode of The Mandalorian will release November 15 on Disney Plus.

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