Bella Wang breaking up with Nick Maccarone from Big Brother 21?

Analyse And Bella On BB21
Analyse Talavera and Isabella Wang hanging out on Big Brother 21. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

It appears that Bella Wang and Nick Maccarone may be done. The Big Brother 21 showmance may not continue outside of the house after all.

Bella and Nick developed what seemed like a strong relationship in the Big Brother house and even confirmed with each other that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. When Bella got evicted, though, she got to see what Nick has been like in the house. Some of his behavior has been pretty bad.

With Bella outside of the house and Jack Matthews sent to the BB21 jury house, Nick has been getting very close with Analyse Talavera. That includes cuddling and spooning with her in bed at night. All of it showing up on the live feeds.

Bella Wang’s Big Brother Twitter account has been seeing a lot of activity since she left the game. That has included a number of fun photos with other evicted houseguests being posted. Now, though, it is dealing a lot with Nick’s behavior in the house.

Did Bella just break up with Nick on Twitter?

A new post from Bella was just made on Twitter, suggesting that there might be no recovery from what she is seeing take place between Nick and Analyse on the live feeds. That post is shared below.

In her post, Bella alludes to supporting Nick, which is what she has done a lot on social media since she was evicted from the Big Brother 21 cast. She has spoken about how close the cast members can become while being locked up in the same house. But now, it appears that she feels Nick and Analyse are getting way too close.

What will Jack think about Analyse and Nick?

Another interesting question to emerge from this situation is what will Jack think about his showmance partner (Analyse) cuddling with someone new at night? Without much to do in the Big Brother jury house, it’s safe to assume that Jack has been thinking about her a lot. And he can’t see the same live feeds that Bella is watching.

This is a situation that may need to be addressed by host Julie Chen Moonves during the Big Brother 21 season finale, especially if Nick Maccarone comes out of the house still talking positively about Isabella Wang. She may not share the same feelings that they had while inside the house together.

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