New season of Behind Bars: Rookie Year is here

Behind Bars; Rookie Year
Rookie Rodriguez is keen to prove her worth on tonight’s Behind Bars: Rookie Year

Tonight on the season two premiere of Behind Bars: Rookie Year – CO Lilly Rodriguez is keen to prove her worth and black belt D’angelo confronts a difficult prisoner.

From infamous gangs to violent vendettas – the rookies have a lot to deal with and need to get up to speed fast.

Behind Bars: Rookie Year
One prisoner tends to another, whilst his opponent in the fight circles

All the more so this season as the infamous SNM gang have announced open season on all corrections officers.

Check out the preview clips for the season showing a fight between to inmates, one has a shank and has bound his torso with makeshift armor.

Watch Behind Bars: Rookie Year tonight at 10 PM on A&E.

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