Behind Bars: Rookie Year | Inmates’ plan to kill rookie CO exposed

On Behind Bars: Rookie Year this week, rookie CO Aaron Purto reveals a plan by inmates to send him to his maker. Aaron is just 5’4″ in height but makes up for it with his no-nonsense attitude which has led prisoners to dub him a “supercop”. However, as the inmates admit: “Those are the guys

Behind Bars: Rookie Year | Inmates have it in for baby-faced newbie Fabian

On Behind Bars: Rookie Year tonight, baby-faced newbie correctional officer Fabian Abeyta gets seriously overwhelmed on his first day on the job. At 18, Fabian is the youngest rookie CO on the show and readily admits that it’s going to be a struggle facing up to the inmates because he’s so young. Add to that the fact

New season of Behind Bars: Rookie Year is here

Tonight on the season two premiere of Behind Bars: Rookie Year – CO Lilly Rodriguez is keen to prove her worth and black belt D’angelo confronts a difficult prisoner. From infamous gangs to violent vendettas – the rookies have a lot to deal with and need to get up to speed fast. All the more so this