Batwoman: Concept Artist Shares Image of the Arrowverse’s Batsuit

Ruby Rose as Batwoman.
Three new photos from the pilot episode of Batwoman have been released. Pic credit: The CW.

Batwoman is joining the Arrowverse next season, and as the first trailer for the upcoming series makes clear, Kate Kane will modify Batman’s batsuit to fit her.

Before that, though, fans will get to see the Arrowverse’s version of Batman’s batsuit in all its glory. And a new pair of photos from batsuit concept artist Andy Poon gives a behind-the-scenes look at the costume.

In addition to the two photos, which Poon shared on his Instagram account, the post also included Poon’s words of gratitude to Maya Mani, the series’ costume designer, for bringing the suit to life.

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In the world of Batwoman, Batman abandoned Gotham City three years ago and seems unlikely to return. So his cousin Kate Kane takes up the mantle — a move that is at least partially the result of her discovering his cousin’s bat cave and all the superhero gadgets available there.

The suit that initially belonged to Batman, of course, being one significant find.

Batwoman airs this fall on Sunday nights at 8/7c on The CW.

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