Are Eric Hall and Alana Morrison the newest Love Island USA couple?

Are Eric Hall and Alana Morrison dating?
Love Island USA cast members Eric Hall and Alana Morrison are spending time together? Pic credit: CBS/Timothy Kuratek

Eric Hall and Alana Morrison were both booted off Love Island USA without meeting “the one.”

They each went home without money or love. However, their time in the Fiji villa might not have been a total bust. Eric and Alana have been getting cozy together since the CBS reality TV show ended.

Despite not being in the villa at the same time, Alana and Eric have made a connection.

The two first got flirty with each other during an Instagram live session they both participated in after the Love Island USA finale. Eric and Alana made a plan during their chat to meet up in New York City over Labor Day weekend.

After their flirty exchange, International Business Times chatted with Alana, who admitted she has been on several dates. Yes, Eric is one of them.

“We’re getting to know each other. We are friends. I think he’s a really great person. He’s very attractive,” she shared.

The two were asked more about their relationship status at the online Love Island USA cast reunion, where fans asked questions via Twitter. Several fans wanted to know what the deal is between Alana and Eric.

In the video, he said there is no situation right now. However, Eric did tease fans when he said that “he wouldn’t be surprised if things got more real” between the two in the near future. The Canadian hottie went on to let people know they are making something nice out of their connection.

Alana was quieter during the video, but she was not objecting to his words. Eric also sang her praises, which she did not mind at all. They even shared a nice smooch at the end.

They claimed nothing romantic was going on, but their actions did not match the words coming out of their mouths. It is pretty clear Eric and Alana are more than just pals. The chemistry is off the charts.

Alan Morrison and Eric Hall are not officially Love Island USA’s newest couple, but they might be soon.

What do you think of Eric and Alana coupling up?

Love Island USA will return in summer 2020 on CBS.