Apple TV Plus launch date: Here’s what shows you will get to watch on streaming service when it starts

Jason Momoa stars in new series See coming Nov. 1 on Apple TV Plus. Pic credit: Apple TV+/YouTube

The Apple TV Plus launch date is quickly approaching, as viewers prepare to take in a new brand of entertainment courtesy of the tech innovators Apple. However, it’s been unclear for many people what shows will be on the new streaming service when it officially launches for everyone to use.

There’s a range of original content to watch at the time when the streaming service starts. Here’s the latest on the new original programs that Apple TV Plus will carry upon the first day of release and how to watch.

Apple TV Plus officially launches Friday

The official launch date for Apple TV Plus, also called Apple TV+, is on Friday, November 1. That’s just under two weeks before it’s next competitor besides Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon arrives. Disney Plus will arrive on Nov. 12 and has also piqued a lot of people’s interest levels. In particular, their new Star Wars show called The Mandalorian has a lot of fanatics excited for what’s to come there.

Still, Apple will start to fight with huge competitors in this space. As far as what time Apple TV Plus debuts for everyone, that’s still a mystery. It could begin as soon as the clock strikes midnight, or shortly thereafter. One has to wonder about the potential for the streaming service to have hang-ups as many viewers may be trying to access all the new programs for viewing.

So stay tuned, as things could end up buffering, or delaying a smooth launch. After all, viewers have crashed other services due to high demand. Just look towards HBO Go/HBO Now for the Game of Thrones hype, and then the new series Watchmen several weeks ago.

What shows are going on Apple TV Plus for Day 1?

There are nine total shows that will be on Apple TV Plus. The new drama/comedy series The Morning Show’s release is what has been promoted heavily by Apple. It stars Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carrell.

However, there are several other original shows that come out Friday with it. That includes a sci-fi/fantasy series See, which stars Jason Momoa (Aquaman) as the main character. There’s also Dickinson starring Hailee Steinfeld (Bumblebee) and an astronauts/space drama called For All Mankind.

Here’s a list of all nine of the confirmed titles for Apple TV Plus on its launch date:

  • Dickinson
  • For All Mankind
  • Ghostwriter (kids series)
  • Helpsters
  • Oprah’s Book Club (featuring Oprah Winfrey)
  • See
  • Snoopy in Space (animated Peanuts series)
  • The Elephant Queen
  • The Morning Show

It’s a small selection, but Apple TV Plus is promising more to come in the coming months after their streaming service debuts. Other programs will include the mystery drama series Truth Be Told starring Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul as well as M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant, a new thriller series.

How to get Apple TV Plus for free

As far as binge-watching any of the above shows, Apple TV’s streaming service won’t work similar to Netflix or Amazon’s original series where all episodes arrive at once. Instead, viewers will need to wait for the new episodes to arrive in weekly installments. That may explain the low price for a monthly subscription.

The service will be free of charge for all new subscribers to enjoy for a week. After a free week, it goes to a price of $4.99 a month. Apple TV Plus is an app that is available on most compatible iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, iPod Touch, and of course, Apple TV. It’s also been said to work on specific Amazon Fire TV Stick devices, as well as select Smart TVs.

However, there’s also a special deal that was announced for a full year of the service free. With that deal, customers can also get one year of free Apple TV Plus just by purchasing a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod Touch, or Mac. A refurbished Apple TV can cost as low as $129 per CNET.

So ultimately, it will be interesting to see if the first batch of content is enough to keep customers tied to another new streaming service, or if they’ll need something more. There’s always time to adapt, with future programs on the way.

See more about the upcoming shows and Apple TV Plus service on the official website.

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