Angela Simmons opens up over split from Sutton Tennyson on Growing Up Hip Hop

Angela Simmons Growing Up Hip Hop
Angela Simmons talks about her break-up on Growing Up Hip Hop

Growing Up Hip Hop Season 4 begins tonight and one of the central storylines is Angela Simmons’ split from Sutton Tennyson.

In December 2017, Angela shared a cryptic message on social media about “walking away from what isn’t healthy”. Rumors of a split from Sutton had been circulating for months and immediately many Growing Up Hip Hop fans assumed that she was talking about a break-up.

The reveal came after fans noticed that Angela Simmons and Sutton Tennyson hadn’t been seen together for months. To make the break-up even more obvious, Angela was also no longer wearing her engagement ring.

In the Season 4 premiere of Growing Up Hip Hop, Angela Simmons talks about her decision to leave Sutton and begin life as a single mom. Angela can be seen in a sneak peek for the WEtv series as she explains why she decided to leave her fiance and move on. It turns out that she just wasn’t happy, though she hasn’t come right out and explained why.

In another “what to expect” teaser for Season 4 of Growing Up Hip Hop, Angela Simmons can be seen as she talks about raising her child as a single mom. She clearly struggled with the decision to leave Sutton and move on.

As the daughter of a reverend and a role model, she is nervous about the scrutiny she will receive as an unwed mother. Does Angela really have anything to worry about, though, or is she making her situation out to be worse than it is?

It’s still not clear exactly what was going on with Angela Simmons and Sutton Tennyson that made her want to leave. It’s assumed that she knew about his legal issues stemming from a 2015 drug trafficking arrest as well as other, more minor legal issues and lawsuits.

Now it looks like Romeo Miller might be giving Angela a second look. The pair very famously dated years ago but they may never have gotten over each other. In the sneak peek, as Angela explained her breakup to Romeo, it’s pretty clear that he wants to try again.

In the months since Angela’s split from Sutton (and while GUHH was filming), there were many rumors about a Romeo and Angela reunion. There’s even YouTube footage of the pair on a date from February 2018. Don’t be too surprised if Angela and Romeo rekindle their romance as we watch!

Season Four of Growing Up Hip Hop premieres tonight, May 24, at 9pm ET/PT on WE tv.

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