Andrea Savage on Nailed It: Who is this latest guest judge?

Production still from Nailed It
Andrea Savage on the set of Netflix’s Nailed it! Pic credit: Netflix

The long wait is finally over, Nailed It Season 5 (also known as Double Trouble) premiered on Netflix last week.

And the first episode featured the brilliant guest judge Andrea Savage; keep reading to find out more about this great actor and comedian.

This show has been a long-time favorite for many years, first airing in 2018. Host Nicole Byer and judge Jacques Torres are a perfect match! Byer’s loud and comedic nature and Torres’s easy-going personality and helpful expertise make for a great team and entertaining dynamic.

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Nailed It is a baking competition involving home bakers — originally, it was solo bakers competing against one another but Season 5 spiced things up a little and was billed as “twice as bad” after introducing duo amateur baker teams. In each episode, whoever “nails” the two challenges, takes home a $10,000 prize and a trophy.

Premiering on March 26 and instantly making its way onto the trending list in the US, Nailed It featured a fun mix of celebrity guest judges. In the first episode was comedian and actor Andrea Savage. 

Who is Andrea Savage? 

Andrea Savage was the guest judge in the first episode, An Ungodly Mess, of Nailed It: Double Trouble. She is a California-based comedian and actor who has appeared in many infamous comedies. 

Two of Savage’s most well-known roles are playing the therapist character Denise in Step Brothers alongside Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, and starring as Naomi in the all-star romantic-comedy Sleeping With Other People.

She was also cast in the comedy movies, Dinner for Schmucks, The House, and Summer ‘03.

While she is well-versed in the movie world, Savage has also made a big impact in television. She first starred as Renata Vargas in Season 4 of the infamous Sweet Valley High series from the late-nineties. She also made brief appearances in many popular shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The King of Queens, and Two and a Half Men. 

More recently, the actor has appeared in iZombie and Veep, before launching her own comedy series called I’m Sorry — available for streaming on Netflix. I’m Sorry is created by and stars Savage. She additionally serves as a writer and director for select episodes.

Sadly, the series was canceled after two seasons due to Covid-related production complications — and after it had already been renewed for a third season too.

What did Andrea Savage have to say about Nailed it? 

As expressed on social media, Savage had a great time guest-starring on Nailed It. On the day of the season’s premiere, she tweeted an image with herself alongside Byer and Torres.

Savage wrote, “Season 5 of Nailed It is out today on Netflix and what?? I am guest judging on Ep. 1! Love this show and had so much fun! Finally something I can show my daughter and not get arrested.”

Other guest judges in this season include actor Ron Funches (Undateable), Lil Rel Howery (Get Out), comedian Bobby Lee (MADTV), comedian Brian Posehn (Sarah Silverman Show), and rapper A$AP Ferg.  

Nailed It: Double Trouble is currently streaming on Netflix.

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