And Just Like That Season 2 trailer hints at Aidan return

Sarah Jessica Parker
And Just Like That Season 2 trailer is released. Pic credit: ©

And Just Like That is right around the corner, and a new trailer has fans talking.

After launching the HBO Max series in 2021, And Just Like That Season 2 is set for a June release.

The series dropped a riveting trailer to drum up excitement for the second season.

It looks like Season 2 will feature the usual suspects, including Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, Kristin Davis as Charlotte York, and Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes.

Kim Cattrall, who played the sexually-free Samantha Jones, was noticeably absent from the trailer.

However, a familiar face will play an integral role in the show, helping Carrie navigate her grieving process following a devastating Season 1 loss.

And Just Like That Season 2 trailer released

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Season 2 trailer was the reveal of Aidan Shaw’s return. Fans of the original series, Sex and the City, will recall Aidan, played by John Corbett, was Carrie Bradshaw’s former boyfriend.

Known for his kind-hearted nature and undying love for Carrie, Aidan was described by the show as Mr. Big’s emotional opposite. Mr. Big is now out of the way, as revealed in And Just Like That Season 1, paving the way for Aidan’s reappearance.

But fans have more to look forward to than Carrie’s potential romance rekindling.

In true Sex and the City fashion, another romance is blossoming, featured prominently in the trailer.

Another compelling narrative highlighted in the Season 2 trailer revolved around Miranda Hobbes and her relationship with Che Diaz, played by Sara Ramirez. 

Miranda’s journey of self-discovery, which started in the first season, continues as she explores her sexuality and questions her identity. Additionally, the modern theme delves into gender identity with the introduction of Che, a character who identifies as nonbinary.

However, Che hasn’t exactly been a fan-favorite in the series. 

In fact, the New York Times called Che the most “polarizing” character of And Just Like That.

Sara Ramirez discusses the controversial Che from And Just Like That

Sara Ramirez plays Che on And Just Like That, and fans might remember the actor from Grey’s Anatomy. 

They came out as nonbinary and bisexual in August 2020.

Sara spoke with The New York Times and acknowledged the mixed feelings surrounding Che.

Sara explained, “I’m very aware of the hate that exists online, but I have to protect my own mental health and my own artistry.” 

The Grey’s Anatomy alum reminded readers that the character Che was a fictional character.

Sara continued, “We have built a character who is a human being, who is imperfect, who’s complex, who is not here to be liked, who’s not here for anybody’s approval. They’re here to be themselves.”

And Just Like That Season 1 is now streaming on HBO Max. Season 3 is set to premiere in June 2023.

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