Cynthia Nixon says Che almost wasn’t her love interest on And Just Like That

Cynthia Nixon attended The 71st Annual Tony Awards in New York City in 2017.
Cynthia Nixon was meant to have a different love story altogether in the HBO Max revival show And Just Like That. Pic credit: ©

According to Cynthia Nixon, things were supposed to work out a little differently in terms of a love interest for her character, lawyer Miranda Hobbes, in the HBO Max revival show And Just Like That.

In the revival, Miranda embarks on a romantic relationship with a nonbinary standup comedian and podcast host named Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez).

Now, Cynthia is shedding some light on the original love story that was meant for her character.

Who was Miranda supposed to end up with?

Cynthia told Indie Wire that she originally was supposed to fall in love with her Columbia law professor, Dr. Nya Wallace (Karen Pittman).

But she didn’t think that was a sexy love story, as she explained to And Just Like That showrunner and executive director Michael Patrick King.

“Originally, when Michael was sort of trying to think about what would happen in our season, he talked about Nya, Miranda’s professor, being the romantic relationship,” Cynthia said in the And Just Like That documentary via Insider on February 3.

“Nya was a straight character and Miranda’s a straight character and I was like, ‘That doesn’t sound very sexy at all,” Cynthia said. “And I was like, Why couldn’t [Miranda’s love interest] be this butch person you’re talking about having for Carrie?”

And just like that, Miranda Hobbes found herself in a different relationship with Che Diaz, who hosted a podcast that Carrie Bradshaw contributed to (which is how they met).

Cynthia admitted to the Daily Mail on February 4 that the character was always meant to be in a same-sex relationship.

The 10-episode season wrapped up on February 3 with Che taking a job in Los Angeles on a TV show pilot for a few months, while Miranda turned down a respected internship and made plans to relocate to Los Angeles with her new love.

She also files for divorce from her husband, bar owner Steve Brady (David Eigenberg), much to the heartache of many Steve and Miranda fans.

Will And Just Like That get a season 2?

Sarah Jessica Parker is on board with the idea for the second season of And Just Like That, telling TV Line that she’d “definitely” be interested in filming more seasons.

The show has yet to confirm if there’s going to be a second season or not, but fans are certainly hoping for one.

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