Ancient Aliens asks: Is Area 51 just part of a cover-up for other extraterrestrial experiments taking place elsewhere?

Area 51 map
A topographical chart centred on Groom Lake and the base known as Area 51

Ancient Aliens looks at the infamous United States Air Force known as Area 51 and wonders if its very notoriety could be aiding a much wider cover-up, extraterrestrial research taking place all over the globe.

Area 51 is remote base lying in the Nevada Test and Training Range and over the years it has fired the imagination and interest of both the media and conspiracy theorists.

Officially known as Homey Airport and Groom Lake, the base has been called Area 51 since a CIA document revealed it was the term they used for the facility.

CIA Area 51 document
This CIA document from the Vietnam War refers to Area 51

Its very existence was only official acknowledged by the CIA in 2005, when a freedom of information request saw them release various documents pertaining to the base and its function.

The secret development of many advanced aircraft has taken place at Area 51 over the years, with the likes of the A-12, U2, D-21 and the F-117 all being tested there.

Area 51 warning signs
Area 51 warning signs advise that lethal force is authorised, but every country needs secrets…right?

However, there are also various theories about the base and its use for storying and test extraterrestrial technology and even aliens themselves. Theories range from it being a meeting place for talks between Earth and alien government through to being a place where crashed UFOs are reverse engineered.

There is also a theory that the attention given to Area 51 is a very convenient distraction from much wider research being done into alien technology, in multiple locations.

Ancient Aliens: Area 52 airs at 9:00 PM on History Channel. 

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