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Anchor found in hunt for Christopher Columbus vessel on Cooper’s Treasure

Astronaut Gordon Cooper, left, and Darrell Miklos, who he gave maps he made in outer space

On tonight’s Cooper’s Treasure, treasure hunter Darrell Miklos gets closer to finding potentially vast amounts of wealth hidden beneath the sea — and footage from the series shows he uncovers an anchor believed to belong to one of Christopher Columbus’s vessels.

This week’s episode sees him dig deep into the legendary explorer’s charted routes in the four cross-Atlantic explorations he made.

They are then matched up to maps made by astronaut Gordon Cooper who believed he could see shipwrecks hidden beneath the sea while he was on missions in outer space.

Miklos, son of famous treasure hunter Roger Miklos, befriended Gordon and wound up with his notes and files.

On tonight’s episode of Cooper’s Treasure, the connection between Gordon’s notes and a missing manifest combined with historical documents leads Miklos on the “Columbus trail”.

That results in the discovery of the anchor, according to Fox News.

Watch footage below as the team dive in the Caribbean and then use metal detectors to search for anything hidden beneath the surface.

According to Fox, analysis reportedly shows that the anchor the team finds dates from 1492 to 1550.

After his maiden voyage, Columbus’s second exploration across the Atlantic took place in 1493, his third in 1498, and his third in 1501-02.

Those journeys took him to the Caribbean and South America, which Miklos is exploring on his Discovery series Cooper’s Treasure.

Cooper’s Treasure airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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