Ana Navarro snaps at The View producer: ‘Are you paying me my worth?’

Ana Navarro selfie
Ana Navarro wants to know her worth. Pic credit: @ananavarrofl/Instagram

Ana Navarro knows her worth and wants to ensure everyone else knows theirs, too.

The View co-host made sure to plug something that’s very important to her on Friday’s installment of the Behind the Table podcast with executive producer Brian Teta.

A lot was discussed during the 23-minute podcast episode, including beauty makeovers, Joy Behar’s birthday, and Monday’s guest, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

When Brian thought things were all said and done, Ana interrupted him over ending the show early.

“Alright, well, such a pleasure as always,” Brian began before Ana cut him off.

“No, no, no. We’ve gotta say something else. Listen, if you’re gonna let Joy talk about her place -” Ana said, mentioning her co-star’s previous appearance on the podcast.

Ana Navarro raises awareness for pay equality and asks, ‘Are you paying me my worth?’

“Okay, what do you got?” Brian asked, giving Ana time to say her piece.

Ana chose to promote the Latina Equal Pay campaign, an organization that raises awareness for equal equity for Latinas.

“Are you paying me my worth?” she asked Brian.

Fortunately, she laughed and clarified that she was joking, as Brian seemed a little nervous.

“I think I am. I gotta tell you, I’m pretty sure. I’m pretty sure,” Brian replied.

After that, Brian was able to conclude the podcast, and Ana seemed happy that she was able to promote a good cause.

Ana Navarro opens up about The Golden Bachelor

The latest ABC spinoff, The Golden Bachelor, has been a hot topic of conversation on The View lately, even hotter than Taylor Swift’s new romance with Travis Kelce.

The show follows 72-year-old Gerry Turner on his quest for love, while the women range in age from 60 to 75.

This is a spinoff from the regular show The Bachelor, in which one man is surrounded by several women and progresses his romance with who he fits the best until, ultimately, a winner is chosen.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Ana revealed that this was rather emotional for her.

While Joy Behar was happy that the women made friends with each other, Ana admitted, “I’m going to be the one crying if we keep talking about The Bachelor.”

Apparently, she wasn’t impressed by the subject matter and wanted to discuss something else, and Alyssa brought up the hit show Naked and Afraid.

Joy quipped, “I want to see The Naked Golden Bachelor.”

Fortunately, the topic change was enough for Ana, who did not end up breaking down in tears on The View.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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