Amy Robach reveals scary moments that had her ‘worried’ about T.J. Holmes during Memorial Day trip

amy robach during abc gma3 episode
Amy Robach recalled some scary moments she experienced during a trip with T.J. Holmes. Pic credit: ABC

Amy Robach said she never “took her eyes off” her boyfriend, T.J. Holmes, during a scary incident from their Memorial Day weekend excursion.

Robach and Holmes began dating over a year ago, and their affair, which some gossip headlines deemed scandalous, led to both of them losing their jobs with ABC.

However, they debuted the Amy & TJ Podcast in December 2023 and have continued to discuss their lives as a couple.

They’ve previously spoken about taking trips together, including a story about Holmes being accused of stealing on a flight they were on together.

A recent podcast episode included details about their Memorial Day weekend trip to Connecticut and some frightening moments.

According to Robach, the situation got pretty bad to the point she was “worried” about her boyfriend’s safety.

Robach recalls being ‘worried’ about Holmes during their trip to Connecticut

During the May 29 episode of Amy & T.J., Holmes mentioned having a motorcycle he loves riding around the city. He said during his and Robach’s excursion to Connecticut for Memorial Day weekend, he decided to take the bike.

“We were going to a lake this weekend in Connecticut and I was so excited to put the bike on the road. This is my first actual road trip. Beautiful ride out of the city, out of Manhattan,” he explained.

In a clip shared on their podcast’s TikTok (below), Robach mentioned that she drove a car while Holmes rode his motorcycle behind her. Holmes admitted he didn’t have proper “riding or weather gear” at the time.

According to Robach, the weather suddenly changed as they passed Yankee Stadium in New York, and the skies “opened up” with rain pouring down on them.

Robach explained that the weather was a “flash flood,” and she was “worried” about Holmes’s safety during the hazardous driving conditions.

“I honestly was looking back at you as much as I was looking forward. I felt like I never took my eyes off you and the road at the same time because I was worried about both, for anyone even driving in these conditions. I could barely see,” she shared.

Holmes revealed that he continued to ride 40 miles per hour and couldn’t pull over under an underpass because it was more hazardous.

Robach and Holmes recalled their ‘adventure’ during ‘nasty’ weather

During the podcast, Holmes said he was “getting completely drenched” on his motorcycle during their trip due to the traffic passing by in the “nasty” weather.

“It was crazy. I was looking back and thinking, ‘Oh my god.’ Like, when a semi-truck would come by you and push basically an entire tsunami of water on top of you, I thought it might knock you over — just the sheer force of the water cascading over you. And I didn’t know what to do,” Robach recalled.

Robach said the hazardous weather, which included thunder, lightning, and lots of rain, also brought darker conditions, requiring her to drive slower, at 25 miles per hour in her car.

After recalling the scary story from their trip, Holmes said it might not have been the best idea. Although he referred to it as “an adventure,” he admitted it was probably “a stupid thing to do” due to his experience level.

“I’ve only been riding a motorcycle full time for, I mean, this summer will make a year. So I don’t do a lot of road trips, and I don’t have a lot of experience with this kind of weather,” he revealed.

Former GMA stars still enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend trip

The couple managed to endure the rough weather and reached their destination: Candlewood Lake in Connecticut.

On Wednesday, Amy Robach uploaded a carousel post with photos of their trip and beautiful surroundings. The first shows her and Holmes wearing biker jackets and smiling side-by-side with lots of green leaves behind them.

Another photo featured Robach in a selfie wearing a baseball cap, dark shades, and a sleeveless tank top, with Holmes walking in the grassy area in the background.

Additional images included a gorgeous sunset and the couple sitting together on the water. Their small dog, Brody, was also there.

Brody starred in the final slide of Robach’s post, a video clip of the dog seeming scared to walk from the dock area back to land.

Robach called for the dog to come to her, but Brody backed up several times, seeming unsure of the surroundings.

“Don’t back up too far,” Robach told Brody, and she eventually got closer to assist the dog with getting off the dock safely.

Robach also revealed in her caption that Holmes “went on a hike” and she “got on a bike” during their excursion. Based on the photos, the weather at their trip destination looked better for riding a motorcycle.

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