Amy Robach admits she ‘hit rock bottom’ during affair drama with T.J. Holmes

former gma3 host amy robach face shot from abc
Former GMA3 host Amy Robach discussed hitting “rock bottom” after the fallout from her affair with T.J. Holmes. Pic credit: ABC

Amy Robach revealed she developed a new perspective on how she thinks after dealing with the fallout from her and T.J. Holmes’ publicized affair.

As headlines began swirling about them over a year ago, ABC removed Robach and Holmes as co-hosts of their afternoon spin-off of Good Morning America, GMA3. The network ultimately terminated them.

Headlines continued with gossip about the couple, as each had spouses at the time, but they’ve since maintained that they were in the process of getting divorced. Both Holmes and Robach are now divorced.

Robach says that as everything was happening with the affair fallout, she “hit rock bottom” during those days.

The revelation arrived during a recent Amy and T.J. Podcast episode, which she co-hosts with Holmes.

However, she also revealed that she no longer cares about other people’s opinions about her life and relationships.

Robach talks about hitting ‘rock bottom’ amid affair drama and gets emotional

Earlier this week, Robach and Holmes unveiled a new episode of their podcast, which featured recording artist Rachel Platten as their special guest.

It was an emotional episode, as Robach talked about her experience of hitting “rock bottom” and how Platten’s songs helped her through rough times.

“We know a little bit about walking through some darkness [and] coming through the other side when the worst has happened,” Robach said.

“And I’ve thought I’ve hit rock bottom before, and then I actually hit rock bottom,” she shared.

Robach admitted to Platten that she loves her song, Mercy, and it might become her anthem as she’s added it to her running playlist. She also discussed why Platten’s music is so powerful, emotional, and inspirational.

“All of those things resonate with so many people, but I think especially listening to your music now and having just gone through the journey we went through,” Robach told Platten regarding her and Holmes’ publicly revealed relationship and the ensuing drama.

“I love what you’re saying that whole like- here’s me cursing, zero f***s, Like when you get to a place, and it’s hard-earned when you can give like zero f***s, sometimes that’s when you’re at your best,” Robach said.

Holmes said Robach was ‘wiping tears constantly’ at an ’emotional’ concert in New York

At the start of their new podcast episode, Holmes shared that they’d attended a concert last week.

“After just one song, Robach was wiping tears constantly from her face,” he said.

“I had ugly tears. It was embarrassing,” Robach said, adding, “They were tears of beauty.”

She also said Holmes was “staring at her” as she was crying, but he added that she was also laughing at herself as she was crying.

“I realized how ridiculously emotional I was in that moment,” Robach admitted on the podcast to Platten.

Holmes shared that they saw Platten perform after being invited to her “intimate” concert.

The Candlelight Original Sessions occurred at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn, New York. Holmes was also amazed at how she showcased her talent in this unique setting.

During the podcast, Robach referred to Platten as one of her all-time “favorite artists” and “people,” mentioning she listens to her music all the time, including the song Girls.

The successful recording artist, who released the hit song Fight Song in 2015, spoke about how she discovered her talent as a singer after initially thinking her main talent was songwriting.

“There’s a freedom in feeling like I don’t really care,” Platten told Robach and Holmes regarding her journey in music.

“I’ve already been through the hardest thing I could go through,” she shared on the podcast.

“When it comes down to it, I don’t really care what you think. This is for me,” Platten said, adding, “This is between me, and you know my songs, and so if you want to come along, that’s wonderful, and I welcome you.”

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