America’s Got Talent recap: Michael Ketterer sings When I Look At You, Simon suggests Garth Brooks, and AGT viewers vote for their favorite

Shin Lim performs during America's Got Talent semifinals
Shin Lim performs during America’s Got Talent semifinals. Pic credit: NBC

America’s Got Talent semifinals began Tuesday night on NBC. Makayla Phillips shined again in her signing, hoping that the AGT vote would land her in the finals.

Eleven acts would perform before the show was over, all hoping to get the approval of the judges, but also hoping to impress the television audiences. With 22 acts, in total, performing over the semifinals shows, with only five performers advancing from each night.

America’s Got Talent Semifinals 1

It was noted that this episode of the semifinals acts included five golden buzzer winners from the season. These are the acts that judges deemed deserving of a spot in the live shows. For the September 4 episode, they were Michael Ketterer, Amanda Mena, Makayla Phillips, Zurcaroh, and Voices of Hope. Could all five make it to the AGT finals?

Amanda Mena amps up AGT audience with Pharrell’s Happy

The young singer, Amanda Mena, performed a new rendition of Happy by Pharrell. It was an interesting take on the song and it showed that she has been growing each time she has taken the AGT stage. This is a very recognizable song that home audiences should enjoy.

Junior New System combined Britney and Basketball

The men in heels were back. They started out the performance in heels as well, rocking out to a Britney Spears song as they took the stage.

It turned into a medley of songs, all done while dancing to a basketball theme. It was a big step up for the group and it led to a standing ovation.

Us The Duo go for Broke with a song

The husband and wife team of Us The Duo performed another original piece during the AGT semifinals episode. The song, this time, was called Broke. It was a laid-back performance, which should have its fans, but it might not stand out against the rest of the top 22 acts.

Voices of Hope are Defying Gravity on AGT

The children’s quite, called Voices of Hope, was back with another grand performance. This time, they performed Defying Gravity from Wicked and did it very well. The color-coordinated song was definitely worth checking out and is presented in the video below. Will America keep voting for them?

Shin Lim stuns the judges again

Close-hand magician Shin Lim was back for another live show performance. Judge Heidi Klum and host Tyra Banks were part of his performance this time, taking a close look as he did card tricks again.

Not only were they astounded by the act, but so were Howie Mandel and Mel B back at the judges’ table.

Makayla Phillips delivers an okay Jessie J.

Young singer Makayla Phillips performed Who Are You by Jessie J. It might not have been her best performance of the season, as noted by the judges when she was finished. Now, it’s up to America to decide if Makayla Phillips makes it to the AGT finals.

Front Pictures continue to standout but do they have America’s vote?

A wildcard entry, Front Pictures really took it to the next level with this performance. It’s definitely a standout performance of the night and something that viewers will be talking about. Will it do well in America’s Got Talent vote overnight?

Duo Transcend impress AGT as they roller skate with fire

Fire was the name of the game as Duo Transcend combined acrobatics and roller skating this time. The married couple certainly didn’t play it safe with this act, taking the danger in their act to new standards. The judges loved the AGT roller skaters and the full performance is in the video below.

Samuel J. Comroe has most of the judges laughing

The enigmatic comedian performed another amusing set for the judges and audience. While Heidi still didn’t know what to make of him, the other three judges enjoyed it. The full performance of his jokes can be seen in the video below.

Michael Ketterer impresses with When I Look At You but Simon wants Garth Brooks

Singer Michael Ketterer performed When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus for the America’s Got Talent semifinals. The soft performance was done with a piano and it was certainly a way to set himself apart from some of the other vocal performers this season.

When Simon Cowell spoke about the performance, he publicly asked Garth Brooks to write a song for Michael Ketterer. Will Brooks answer the call?

Zurcaroh spreads their wings in the AGT semifinals

The acrobatics group, named Zurcaroh, had to really perform well if they were going to convince America to vote for them this evening. The performance was definitely a great one to end the September 4 AGT episode and they now leave it in the hands of the viewers.

The America’s Got Talent vote now takes place overnight, with the audience at home deciding which of these five acts is going to advance to the finals. A chance at the $1-million prize is on the line.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC. 

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