America’s Got Talent recap: Glennis Grace, Aaron Crow, Christina Wells try to make AGT finals

Glennis Grace performs during AGT semifinals
Glennis Grace performs during AGT semifinals. Pic credit: NBC

America’s Got Talent semifinals continued on September 11. Eleven more acts were ready to perform with spots in the AGT finals on the line.

During last week’s results show, acts like Shin Lim, Michael Ketterer, and Duo Transcend advanced. During the second semifinals show, viewers would get to see new performances by Aaron Crow, Courtney Hadwin, and We Three.

Five of the 11 acts performing on September 11 will advance to the AGT finals, which will take place next week on NBC. Judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell were on hand to provide their critiques.

Christina Wells pays tribute to Aretha

Soulful singer Christina Wells was back with another stirring performance on the AGT stage. This time, she performed A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. It wasn’t her best performance, but the audience still loved it. Will America push her through to the finals?

Da Republik dominates the dance floor

The hip-hop dance crew was back for another performance, using the songs Baby Got Back, Hit the Floor, and Get Ugly this time. Da Republik was as exciting as ever, showing that they could definitely be a draw during the tour for AGT if they make it to the finals. The judges had mixed reactions about the performance, which can be seen in the video below.

Noah Guthrie sets him self apart with I Will Always Love You

Singer Noah Guthrie performed I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton. He gave a unique rendition of the song and one that will certainly be remembered by the audience. It was a good way to set himself apart from the other musical acts this season. Was it good enough to get him in the AGT finals?

Daniel Emmet sings Somewhere in hopes of moving on through

West Side Story song Somewhere was used by Daniel Emmet this week. As seen in the video of his performance, this was a great song selecting for him. He finished strong and definitely has a shot to advance now.

Angel City Chorale

The choir took the stage for another big performance. At times, though, the production itself seemed to take away from the on-stage singers. It will be up to America to decide if Angel City Chorale did enough to advance.

Aaron Crow does the indescribable

It’s not always easy to describe what Aaron Crow is doing on stage, so the video below is worth watching in that regard. This time, though, he didn’t appear to have the same stage presence as he did in the prior rounds. It’s difficult to predict if he did enough with this act to advance to the AGT finals.

Vicki Barbolak delivered the laughs

The comedian presented some fresh jokes for the judges, the audience, and America during the September 11 episode. This time, her topics included boxed wine, dating advice, and talking to the police. Howie Mandel loves her. Does America?

We Three sings another original with Make Up

The sibling band returned for another energetic performance on the America’s Got Talent stage. The trio performed an original song called Make Up that continued to show their talents on the stage. If there was a songwriting category, they would certainly be at the head of the class.

Glennis Grace stirs the audience with This Woman’s Work

In a performance that Mel B and Heidi Klum loved a lot, Glennis Grace sang This Woman’s Work. The Maxwell song was a good choice for her and it may be enough to get her a spot in the AGT finals. With so many musical acts, though, it is up to America to decide if she deserves the votes tonight.

Brian King Joseph is the AGT violinist who brought it with Gansta’s Paradise

Electric violinist Brian King Joseph had another spectacular performance on Tuesday night. It’s an overused phrase, but he definitely took his act to the next level during the AGT semifinals. This time, he performed Gansta’s Paradise for the judges, audience, and voters.

Courtney Hadwin is Born to be Wild

It’s no surprise that the America’s Got Talent producers decided to have singer Courtney Hadwin wrap up the second semifinals episode.

This time, she performed Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf, which can be seen in the video below. She didn’t get a standing ovation from all of the judges this time, but it should certainly get her fans excited.

Five of these acts will advance to the AGT finals. There is another AGT results show on September 12 that will reveal how America has voted this week.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays on NBC at 8/7c.

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