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Alpha Beta Gamma on The Walking Dead: The Whisperers prepare

Alpha And Lydia on The Walking Dead
Samantha Morton as Alpha, Havana Blum as Young Lydia on The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 2. Pic credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma were featured on The Walking Dead this week. The episode called We Are the End of the World served up a number of flashbacks about the Whisperers, fleshing out the backstories for them.

The Season 10 premiere served as an update on what had been going on with the main survivors within the cast, and then Episode 2 focused entirely on the Whisperers, as the writers filled in some story gaps for AMC viewers.

The characters of Alpha (played by Samantha Morton), Beta (Ryan Hurst), and Gamma (Thora Birch) will all be very important to how the rest of Season 10 plays out. For viewers who had forgotten how savage the Whisperers can be, a reminder was just provided about how violent this trio could be moving forward.

Alpha Beta Gamma on The Walking Dead

Alpha is the leader of the Whisperers and viewers now know how she came across Beta, who has served as her second-in-command for the past seven years of show time. When the duo first met, Alpha was also trying to lead Lydia, her daughter, through the apocalyptic landscape. Lydia is played by two actresses on the show.

Gamma has now proven herself to the group, as she sacrificed her own sister during the latest episode to try to protect Alpha from a group of walkers. Within their brief backstory, which could be addressed again later, Gamma had been trying to help her pregnant sister stay alive. Her sister is also the woman who left the baby on the ground outside of Hilltop when the group first demanded that Lydia be returned.

As the rest of Season 10 starts to unfold, there seems to be a growing rift between Alpha and Beta, because she lied to him about Lydia. She had told him that she killed Lydia, but the truth was that she spared her daughter. That truth was revealed during We Are the End of the World, and Beta did not take it well.

Simultaneously, it has been hinted that Gamma has earned the favor of Alpha, possibly putting a wedge between the two leaders of the Whisperers. It could end up being nothing, though, as Beta has stated that he will do anything to protect Alpha, but it’s something to watch as the next few episodes unfold.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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