Alonzo Brooks: Reddit has lots of theories about the case from Unsolved Mysteries

Alonzo Brooks: Reddit has lots of theories about the case from Unsolved Mysteries
Alonzo Brooks is a cold case from Unsolved Mysteries. Pic credit: Netflix

Unsolved Mysteries is back, as the classic series of scary, horrific, and controversial cases that remain a mystery to this day returned to Netflix.

Unsolved Mysteries co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that one of the cold cases he really wanted to explore was the mysterious death of Alonzo Brooks.

While the murder is unsolved, there are a lot of users on Reddit who have ideas about what happened to the man.

The death of Alonzo Brooks

Alonzo Brooks’ death was explored on the Unsolved Mysteries episode No Ride Home.

In 2004, Brooks went to a party with three of his white friends, and they were drinking and having a good time.

However, according to his friends, Brooks was flirting with a woman, and someone threw racial slurs at him. His friends left the party and never saw Brooks alive again.

It took a month before anyone found Brooks’ body, and it was beside a creek by the house where the party took place. There was no trauma, no broken bones, and he didn’t drown.

However, as his brother pointed out, the body was found a month later and was still preserved, meaning he thought it was stored somewhere until it was placed out where authorities could find it.

It has been 16 years since the original investigation. They reopened it as a cold case with a $100,000 reward for help to find the murderer.

Reddit theories on Alonzo Brooks

There are plenty of Reddit theories about what happened to Alonzo Brooks.

Reddit user Goober-Smooch believes that someone froze Brooks alive, and that might be how he died. The poster said that he could have been passed out drunk and then put into the freezer where he would die without any obvious markings that could implicate anyone.

There was also the fact that the house the party took place at was completely empty and clean, making some Reddit users wonder if there was really a party there at all.

This is where the Reddit users believe that maybe it was Brooks’ friends who killed him.

One thought is that when they freaked out after his death, one of them had family members help them clean up the mess.

GunBrothersGaming said that it seemed strange that his three friends would just leave him there. He even mentioned that the alibis seemed almost rehearsed.

In an interesting Reddit post, ariadne94 said that they live in Kansas, and several people there are persons of interest. They include a pair of brothers, the woman that Brooks was flirting with, and a relative of the brothers.

Unsolved Mysteries is currently streaming on Netflix

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