Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 8: What date will show start in 2018?

Jewel visits her dad Atz Kilcher on Alaska: The Last Frontier, which is set to return for Season 8 in 2018

Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 8 is set to return later in 2018 — but what date will it start?

The Discovery show’s social media channels have remained very active since the last season ended earlier this year, which indicated a return was probable.

Then the eighth season was confirmed when Jane Kilcher revealed that the family had returned to their homestead, after a short trip away, to start filming again.

Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 8 premiere date

While no official air date has yet been released by Discovery, the show usually starts in the fall.

Seasons 2 through 9 began airing in either the first or second week of October, however it started earlier than usual in 2017 with Season 7 premiering on September 15.

It is likely that Alaska: The Last Frontier will follow a similar start date, meaning it is likely to premiere in the second half of September or early October 2018.

Discovery has announced the new season of Alaska: The Last Frontier will premiere on Sunday, October 7, at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery.

What is the latest on the Kilcher family?

As revealed above, the Kilcher family are now back in Homer, Alaska, on the land where they settled more than 80 years ago.

However, earlier this year several members of the family took a trip away to Las Vegas to see a performance by Jewel — who is Atz Kilcher’s second child.

As fans know, Jewel has previously appeared on the show with Season 6 seeing her return to the homestead after nearly seven years away to show her young son how she grew up.

Meanwhile, Atz recently released a memoir called Son of a Midnight Land about his life.

Charlotte’s first son Torrey also recently ran an ultra-marathon.

Meanwhile after the tough winter the family returned to doing what they do best — living the homesteading life.

We’ll update this article with any new information about Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 8 as soon as we have it!

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